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Knowledge Broker Blueprint – Reserve Your Seat Today!

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Knowledge Broker Blueprint – Take Control Of Your Future Right Now!!!

Do you fear automation or other technology will soon replace you at your job? Do you consistently hear about the need to retrain millions so that they can work in today’s workforce?  This has already started and is a REAL threat.

Please don’t wait until it’s too late, because then it’s TOO LATE!!!

Over 20,000 People Just Like You JOINED THE MOVEMENT To Gain The Secrets To “Profit From What YOU Already Know!!”

  • Why creating a course, being a consultant, or writing a book is NOT the fastest way to impact and profits…
  • ​The three strategies to NEW monthly income even if you don’t have the expertise or specialized skill…
  • ​Why RIGHT THIS SECOND is the moment to jump in: Forbes predicts this industry will be at 1 Billion Dollars per day by 2025…
  • ​The “Marketing Wagon Wheel” strategy to stop letting Social media use YOU and Allow you to profit from it.

Reserve Your Seat Now!!!

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kbb course

What is Knowledge Broker Blueprint?

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint (KBB), created by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi, is the 2.0 version of the Knowledge Business Broker, which is the first of its kind business course teaching people how to use their top strengths or expertise and use them to impact people and turn them into profit. It takes doing what you’re best at and what you genuinely love doing and teaching you how to do that and making money online (and offline) doing exactly that.

​Knowledge Broker Blueprint was created to help ANYBODY regardless if you’re starting out or if you’re a seasoned expert. Knowledge Broker Blueprint will teach you how to create, fill, run & profit from high-impact, virtual OR in-person Masterminds/Seminars!

​The strategies and marketing techniques in ​​Knowledge Broker Blueprint alone will pay for the course.

Not to mention all the incredible free value videos ​they included to help you extract your knowledge and run impactful and profitable events.

​​The ​​Knowledge Broker Blueprint ​team crushed it on ​the included mind mint software, and hundreds of partners are already in there, making money off of what the knowledge broker blueprint program has taught.

What is MindMint Software?

  • Compile EVERY expense into one – Design, fulfill and accept payments all with one system
  • ​Event Builder – Organize and create an event from scratch using our structure for the perfect event formula
  • ​Wisdom Extractor – Customize every occasion with unique tools that have drag and drop features that allow you to create your event in 15 minutes.
  • ​Website Builder – Done for you marketing with pre-written emails, pre-built pages, and both application and sales-type funnels
  • ​Customer Tracking & Sales – Beautifully created CRM to track and charge customers for each event
  • ​Pre Designed Checklists – Get both virtual and in-person pre-loaded event checklists, so you ensure to have the perfect event
  • ​Integrations – The simplest way to automate your work, integrate with over 1300 websites and applications!

kbb partners

Reserve Your Seat Now!!!

What Comes With The Knowledge Broker Blueprint?

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint is comprised of six (6) training modules.

Each training module comes with the exclusive kbb method, which is:

  • welcome video
  • module lessons
  • module sessions

kbb method

After completing the welcome video you will then start the first lesson within that module.  This section will look like the image below:

knowledge broker blueprint review

After completing each lesson you will reach the session for each lesson, which is where the actual training takes place.  The sessions section will look like the image below of this Knowledge Broker Blueprint Review:


When you finish each session, KBB Tony Robbins provides a fantastic overview of this session. The first is called Action Steps which is shown below:

kbb tony robbins

The 2nd tab Tony Robbins walks you through in the KBB Method is called Tools, which you can see in the image below:

the kbb method

The 3rd tab Tony and Dean provide in this section the Knowledge Broker Blueprint is the Audio files of the trainings.  Check out the image below to see what to expect in your back office:

what is knowledge broker blueprint

The 4th tab of this section is called Transcript, which are the full transcripts of this training session.  See image below:

why is knowledge broker blueprint for me

It’s ok if you’re still asking yourself, Why is Knowledge Broker Blueprint for me?  Please keep reading this KBB Review to get the full picture!

One of the best features of the Knowledge Broker Blueprint is how great the technology is.  Everyone has busy lives and nobody expects your life to stop to learn this system.  Tony and Dean created KBB with exactly this in mind.  KBB completely tracks your progress every step of the way.  See the image below:

is knowledge broker blueprint a scam

You might even be asking, Is Knowledge Broker Blueprint a scam?  The answer is NO.  KBB is a legit system that teaches you how to take what you already know and share it with the world.  Once you finish a session you will mark that session complete like the image below.  But that’s not the end of this session.

what comes with knowledge broker blueprint

After you mark your session completed, you will see below you have a bonus section that is still locked:

what is kbb

This section is locked because now there is a lesson quiz to take to ensure that you learned the skills that are needed from this lesson.  The quiz is 6-10 multiple choice and will look like the image below:

who created knowledge broker blueprint

If and when you pass your quiz, which you want to do your best to pass each quiz because this unlocks your bonuses, which are AMAZING!!!!  This looks like the image below:

what is the kbb method

What makes the KBB Course even better is you get points for completing each section and it keeps track of them on the left panel as shown on the image below:

what is the kbb course

The more points you accrue will turn into credits, just for learning the material which will make you better either way!   Your credits can be applied towards POWER MOVES.  You can find the Power Moves section as shown in the image below:

who are the kbb partners

The Power Moves section then is a hidden locked section of Pure Value by the best rockstars you can find online.  See the image below:

is the kbb a scam

Reserve Your Seat Now!!!

Extra Knowledge Broker Blueprint Features

Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi did not cut any corners when it comes to KBB.  Here are a few more added features that might not be front and center, but are definitely notable when it comes to convenience.

Take Notes Feature

Anytime during a session that you need to take notes, just click the TAKE NOTES tab in the bottom right corner as shown below:

dean knowledge broker blueprint

By clicking the TAKE NOTES tab in the bottom right, a notepad will conveniently popup so you can take any notes needed immediately.

dean and tony knowledge broker blueprint

But it doesn’t stop there!  ALL YOUR NOTES are then SEARCHABLE within your dashboard!!!  How awesome is that!  See below:

dean and tony kbb

Course Outline Feature

The course outline is a quick and easy way to track your progress and to see how far you have to go.  The blue shows what you have completed and the grey shows what still needs to be completed.  See below:

tony robbins and dean graziosi kbb


Tony and Dean KBB don’t just provide insane value, points, and credits for more value.  But they also have achievements to strive for too!  Check out this page below:

tony and dean kbb

Knowledge Broker Blueprint Review

To recap or review the Knowledge Broker Blueprint to see if it’s for you, which it literally is for everyone so I’m confident it’s for you.  You will learn how to use the power of the internet, social media, video, but most importantly the power of YOU and how to leverage to provide immense value to the world when they desperately need it.  Does this sound like something that can benefit you and everyone you know?  As always, it is highly recommend to research other Knowledge Broker Blueprint reviews to gain another perspective and gather more intelligence on what KBB is all about.  Don’t take my word for it, listen to Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi!

Reserve Your Seat Now!!!

Click the link to learn about the Knowledge Broker Blueprint Affiliate Program.

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