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Texas Real Estate Market

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Texas Real Estate Overview

Because of the vast differences across Texas, the real estate market will look a bit different wherever you go. For example, Dallas is one of the country’s largest cities, and you may be more likely to find luxury apartments and condominiums. At the same time, a more remote area like Midland is more likely to have old-fashioned ranches and large plots of land.
But even in city centers, it’s true that everything is bigger in Texas, including homes. Texas has the largest median home size in the country, with an average size of up to 1,952 square feet in Houston. The same is true of lots themselves, with many Texas cities making the list of largest lot sizes. For example, Dallas ranks 5th in the country with an average lot size of nearly 8,200 square feet. Though it is fairly densely populated, the size of Texas makes it easy to find land.

Texas Real Estate Market Snapshot

The median price of homes for sale in Texas is around $325,000, though this obviously varies widely by location as well. The median in Midland is $204,000, while the typical value of a home in a place like Austin could reach $600,000 in some cases.
When discussing Texas real estate, it’s common for area experts to think of the state in a number of main markets- East, West, North, and South Texas, as well as the Panhandle, Upper Gulf Coast, and Central Texas. It’s typical for Texans to think of the state and its different cultures and landscapes in this way, and it translates to the real estate market as well.

Regions in Texas

  • North Texas includes large metropolitan areas like Dallas-Fort Worth and Wichita Falls and is made up of 29 counties. This is generally one of the more built-out areas of Texas, made mostly of cities and suburbs.
  • East Texas is more akin to the rest of the “South” in the United States, bordering states like Arkansas and Louisiana. The region is covered by the Piney Woods, which is another common name for the area.
  • South Texas covers San Antonio to the Rio Grande, butting up against the Gulf of Mexico. This area includes other well-known cities like Uvalde and Corpus Christi.
  • West Texas has a different definition for many people, but it typically includes the five primary areas of El Paso, LubbockAbilene, Midland, and San Angelo. This is the largest of the Texas real estate markets, with 70 counties.
  • The Texas Panhandle represents the northernmost parts of the state, with 26 counties in the small portion of Texas that borders Oklahoma.
  • While technically in South Texas, Houston and its surrounding cities have a distinct climate and geography that separates them from the region. Instead, they are often called the Upper Gulf Coast.
  • The Central Texas region is between the large metropolitan areas of Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, and San Antonio and along the state’s three largest rivers.

Texas real estate styles may differ based on these areas’ climates and cultures. But wherever you end up in The Lone Star State, a home is waiting for you.

Schools in Texas

Where you choose to buy a real estate in Texas will dictate the exact type and quality of ranking your child receives, but rest assured that the state has no shortage of high-performing schools. Texas is also a state that supports school choice, letting families choose between traditional public schools, public charter schools, magnet schools, online academics, homeschooling, and learning pods. The state has over 1,000 school districts, which are all independent from any municipal government. This means they can cross city and county boundaries and are all overseen by the Texas Education Agency at the state level.
The best school district in Texas is often considered to be the Highland Park Independent School District, which sits in the larger Dallas-Fort Worth area. The district has four elementary schools, one intermediate school, one middle school, and one high school for a total of 7,000 students served. HPISD routinely scores well above both state and national averages, and over 97% of its graduates continue their education at college.
In Friendswood, the number two school district is the Friendswood Independent School District, which boasts a 98% graduation rate and the highest possible ranking from the Texas Education Association. Third place is given to the Barbers Hill Independent School District, where all seven campuses have an A-rating from the state.
Texas real estate has access to 36 universities, including the state’s University of Texas system, alongside other private institutions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Texas Real Estate

What is the nearest commercial airport in Texas?

Texas has 730 airports in total, the second-most of any state in the country: 24 of these are passenger service airports, and 12 of them are international. The busiest are Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, and Dallas Love Field.  

What attractions and landmarks are a must-see in Texas?

There is no shortage of things to do in Texas. San Antonio is home to one of the largest attractions, the Alamo. This site of a former Spanish mission has been converted into a museum experience and named a National Historic Landmark. Other great places to visit include the Dallas World Aquarium, which boasts a replica of the Orinoco Rainforest with live animals, and the Space Center Houston. Big Bend National Park and the Rio Grande River offer breathtaking canyons and activities for those who prefer the outdoors.

Where is the best place in Texas for singles?

While you might think the largest cities are the best place to meet other single adults in Texas, places like Houston and San Antonio score low on the percentage of single people in the area. However, Austin and Dallas are some of the places with the highest number of singles. Galveston and Kerrville are also cities with large singles populations.

When is summer break in Texas?

Each independent district can set its own calendars, but most schools in Texas end in the first week of June. Summer break then stretches through the first week of August before students return to the classroom.

Can you buy a farm in Texas?

Yes! In fact, Texas has more farms and farmland than any other state in the country. Texas farmland sells for an average of $2,030 per acre. While there may be fewer available farms than other types of real estate in Texas, there are plenty for sale in the state and plenty of open land where you could begin a farm as well. The majority of these will be in small towns and rural areas rather than the major cities.

Living in Texas

One of the great things about living in Texas real estate is that you rarely have to leave the state to try something new. If you live among historical landmarks like the Alamo, you can take a trip to the Dallas aquarium for a change of pace; if you live in the bustling city of Austin, you can spend the weekend camping among the state’s forests. These options amongst the backdrop of Southern hospitality and a consistently warm and sunny climate make Texas an endless playground for all who live there.
With the state’s large population comes a robust job market that makes Texas one of the most economically resilient states there is. The largest employment sectors are retail trade, professional services, hospitality and leisure, and health care. However, the state still contributes to industries like oil and agriculture, and it derives much of its GDP from this work. Whatever area you work in, Texans are not subject to state income tax, which can be a great benefit, especially as you determine your future investment in real estate.
Anyone who has lived in Texas will tell you that it is a lifestyle, perhaps more than any other state. It’s very common to see the Texas State flag displayed throughout the neighborhood or attend a Texas-specific celebration on the weekends. The vibrant and bold culture in Texas shows that people love to live there and are proud to tell you they do.
But if you’re new to Texas real estate, there are some simple ways to become a part of the crowd naturally. Football is a way of life in the state- from the NFL to college teams and even high school teams. There is almost always a game you can catch and talk about with a friendly neighbor. If sports aren’t your thing, you can also explore the dynamic music scene in Texas or the divine barbeque all throughout the state.

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