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KamadoSpace Table Guide: Which Model Is Right for You?

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Did you know that the cost of building a fully-equipped outdoor kitchen can start at more than £5,000? In most European and Asian countries, prepping and cooking all of your food outdoors is the norm, but not so much in the United States and the United Kingdom.

The luxury of preparing meals outdoors is why so many Americans and Brits travel to Europe and Asia to relax. There’s something undefinably special about being in the great outdoors while consuming your favourite dishes.

Homeowners are now bringing that luxury directly to them. In places like California, most multi-million-dollar mansions are starting to offer outdoor kitchens.

Thankfully, you don’t have to be a millionaire to enjoy this modern luxury. While most places will argue that installing electricity, gas, water, and other amenities outside, the KamadoSpace Table has everything you need to get started.

What is a KamadoSpace Table?

The range of KamadoSpace Tables was designed to bring outdoor dining to every home. The European-made machines are a unique solution to completely re-doing your back garden. With a single purchase, you can save thousands on hiring contractors.

The flat-pack includes everything you need to bring your kitchen outside. There are four main areas to each table: a nest for the grill, a cart, a preparation area, and storage. You don’t need to landscape or reinvent your outdoor space to make them work for you.

You can smoke and grill delicious meals on all of the KamadoSpace Tables without stinking up your home. They’re designed and manufactured in Lithuania, with warehouses in Rotherham, Hamburg, Moscow, and Milan!

Who is Behind the KamadoSpace Table?

KamadoSpace is a high-tech company, focused on simple solutions for every family. During the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic, the founders of Kamado grills found they were using their grills dozens of times more than in previous years.

They felt the grill was exceptional, but dragging it in and out of storage became a hassle. When they wanted to cook, they would drop things before they made it from the kitchen to the grill. Or worse, they’d drop cooked items on the way back inside.

They needed something all-encompassing for the best grilling experience. That’s why they started designing the KamadoSpace Table.

After testing the product, one of the members of the Kamado community joked that selling the Kamado Joe BBQ without the table should be illegal! As the Kamado team are experts in manufacturing, they took the jokes pretty seriously.

Once the table had been created, the team started noting additional updates that were required. Storage for utensils, cleaning products, and more.

The first prototype was finished after three months, but the team noticed something. The table was far more like an outdoor island than a table. The name KamadoSpace came from this discovery, providing families with a perfect grilling countertop for outdoor cooking.

Which is the Best KamadoSpace Table for You?

There is a range of different KamadoSpace tables to fit every need. Each design comes in a range of colors and designs. The durable materials used to build each table are extremely weather-resistant but non-toxic.

Powder-coating on the metal components protects against scratches, bleaching, frost, heat, corrosion, and so much more. You can use any Kamado Grill whether thats a Kamado Joe (voted best Kamado bbq), Big Green Egg, Monolith etc on each of the islands, but let’s get into the real details.

KamadoSpace Cabinet

The KamadoSpace Cabinet is specifically designed for people who need to store oversized equipment, such as an ash vacuum cleaner, Dutch ovens, or boilers.

With a 24-diameter grill space, the cabinet features all support equipment space. There is a 213-litre compartment with three adjustable height shelves, along with a 179-litre charcoal storage compartment.

Four drawers were designed to house grates, pizza stones, baking trays, and more. On one side, you’ll find a paper towel holder so you’re never without. There are also two holders with 10 hooks each for hanging your accessories, along with a herb shelf.

KamadoSpace Infinite Island

Slightly larger than the Cabinet, the Infinite Island has three 68-litre drawers for pots, pans, and utensils. Along with a 179-litre charcoal storage container, each of the drawers is concealed with a full-extension and a soft-close runner from Blum.

These low-friction nylon rollers create ease and longevity in your table. Each element of the table is almost silent during use, meaning you can clean your grill late into the night after a heavy BBQ without disturbing your neighbours.

Depending on your height, you can adjust the setting of the grill to one of six different positions. The dimensions of the Infinite Island allow for easy placement in any-size garden or outdoor space.

KamadoSpace Infinite Island XL

For serious garden and outdoor kitchen enthusiasts, the XL version of Infinite Island is exactly what you need. With all the same amenities as the previous two KamadoSpace tables combined and more, the XL is a wonder to behold.

With a larger grill space of up to 30 inches, the XL includes 6 castors (the others only have 4). The load capacity in almost double both other models, meaning you can store more, cook more, and do more.

All models of the KamadoSpace table come in either Olive, Sahara, Fir Platinum, Barrique Oak, or Carbon Grey. You just have to decide which you’d prefer!

Where Can You Buy KamadoSpace Tables?

From BBQs 2u of course, we stock the KamadoSpace tables and you can be assured of the best customer service check our reviews out on the About Us page. The flat-pack kits are easy to transport and can be coupled with almost any Kamado product.

The KamadoSpace website has every video tutorial so you can assemble your Space with ease and style. No matter which setup you like, be sure to get in touch with the team and let us know what you think.

If you have any other Kamado products, why not upgrade them with the best outdoor kitchen experiences?

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