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Spy Camera Reviews: The Top 8 Best Hidden Home Security Cameras in 2019

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Spy cameras are making it easier to catch offenders and trespassers. You can also use them to monitor activities taking place in your home secretly.

Either way, you have to choose one that can give quality footage. With a high number of spy cameras on the market, finding one can be daunting.

Hidden home security cameras use different technologies. In this guide, you’re going to discover 8 of the best spy cams suited for your home.

1. Titathink TT531WN-PRO Hidden Home Security Cameras

The Titathink TT531WN-PRO is among the best hidden cameras taking the form of a clock. The spy camera can capture both audio and video recordings (in 720 HD).

You can view the real-time feed on a mobile app with a Wi-Fi connection.

The night vision feature allows you to capture footage in areas with low light.

Titathink TT531WN-PRO boasts of battery life of 3.5 hours. The spy camera features in-built tech for sending email alerts to your mobile phone. The internal memory (16GB) can hold footage and be supported by an SD card of up to 64GB.

2. D-Link Pan and Tilt Camera

D-Link Pan and Tilt Camera is among the sturdiest spy cameras on the market. As small as it is, the camera boasts of a sharp HD resolution.

The device only stores footage on an SD card. The camera has a rechargeable battery and boasts of a compact size.

The hidden camera features a passive infrared sensor for motion detection. The night vision feature allows you to record in dim environments.

You can even connect D-Link to your wireless network for the footage to appear on your phone.

3. TU64 WIFI Day/Night Spy Camera Clock

The TU64 from Sentel Tech is a versatile spy camera that works like a clock. The device comes with a sensor that allows for day or night recording. TU64 supports recording modes such as schedules, manual, continuous and detection modes.

You can save the footage in an SD card (64GB) and access it from your phone or computer.

TU64 has a dedicated app that allows you to view video from another location. When you enable loop recording, the camera can record rewrite the old files. It features a manual that gives instructions on how to use it. The device can run on battery power (300mAh) or when plugged to a 110V power outlet.

When bought, TU64 comes with a USB charging cable and a USB power adapter. You can set it up in any of your rooms to monitor events. The device sends alerts to your phone when it detects unusual activities.

The dedicated app boasts of a great user interface too.

4. Conbrov T10 Photo Frame Hidden Spy Camera

Conbrov T10 is designed to capture quality video when hidden in plain sight. You can use it at night with its motion sensor activation.

Most hidden camera reviews suggest that the device looks like a picture frame. T10 can be included in your home décor as an accessory.

T10 can record clips continuously for a maximum time of 30 hours. You can download the footages from the SD card to your phone. The spy cam can capture 720HD footage and add a date and time stamp to it.

Conbrov T10 captures objects standing up to 25 feet away.

5. Antaivision G-201L Fisheye Wireless Camera

Antaivision G-201L can qualify as the best hidden camera with its 360-degree lens.

The device can give you a 360-degree view of your house. You need a light source for this device to work. You can attach it to your ceiling light to capture footages in a room.

G-201L can connect to your home’s Wi-Fi network and allow for remote viewing. The camera can give you motion detection alerts too. The two-way audio feature lets you speak to the person that’s being recorded.

6. Enji Prime MiniEye Wireless Hidden Spy Camera

Enji Prime MiniEye has been covered in several spy camera reviews for being versatile.

You can use it as a nanny cam, sports cam or body cam. The spy camera comes with an inbuilt microphone to capture audio.

MiniEye boasts of crisp picture quality. The motion detection feature enables it to record in the direction of a moving object.

MiniEye has 6 LED lights to help record video at night.

7. SOOSPY Mini Spy Hidden Camera

SOOSPY Mini is a spy cam with a 140-degree wide angle lens.

The device can record up to 128GB of footage on the go. You may consider it the best spy camera for its durability and size. The camera can capture videos of up to 1080 pixels during the day and night.

SOOSPY Mini has an inbuilt battery (420mAh) that can power it for two to three hours. The motion detector helps the camera save power when it’s in use.

You can mount SOOSPY Mini on any metal surface with its magnet and bracket. You can even place it on the corner of your living room or backyard.

8. Nest Cam Indoor

The Nest Cam Indoor is designed to help improve the security of your home. The device features a magnetic stand for mounting and 24/7 live streaming. The spy cam doesn’t need batteries to work since it plugs into your power system.

Nest Cam Indoor starts recording when it senses motion.

With a Nest Aware subscription, you can save the footage on the cloud. Nest Cam indoor can detect strange sounds or movements and notify you. You can also include Nest Cam Indoor in your home automation system.

Beef up Your Home Security with Hidden Home Security Cameras

Like many other homeowners, improving the security of your property is a top priority for you.

Hidden home security cameras offer you a means of monitoring your property 24/7. If someone breaks into your home while you’re away, footage from the cameras can be used to help identify them.

You can contact us to learn more about devices that can improve your home security.

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