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5 Effective Ways to Improve Customer Satisfaction at Your Business

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Did you know that 95% of customers will tell others about a bad experience? Bad news travels fast, which is not great when compared to the low 87% who share good experiences. So how can you get a reputation for great service?

Giving great service is surprisingly easy. Read on as we give our five tips to improve customer satisfaction.

1. Listen to Customers

Customers are your best source of information when it comes to improving satisfaction. Now, it is easier than ever for them to go online and voice their opinions about your service, for better or worse.

Use surveys to collect their opinions. Check reviews online, responding to negative ones, and asking how the service could be improved. It is important that you act upon this, and let people know the improvements you have made.

2. Go the Extra Mile

A great customer service strategy will make people come back, and retention is just as important as getting new leads. If you offer the bare minimum in customer service, then you will be getting the job one. But as soon as a competitor comes along with a better service, you will lose them.

Build loyalty by going that extra mile. Offer them assistance beyond what they have asked for. If a product is not satisfactory, send them a new one by express post.

3. Be Proactive

The key to customer service improvement strategies is to be proactive, and not reactive. This involves spotting potential problems, or ones that may occur again, and fixing them before they begin.

Start by identifying any problems that have already taken place and come up with solutions. Look for bottlenecks in your processes that may slow production and delivery down and eliminate them. Finally, make sure you are managing your inventory properly.

4. Set Up Customer Service Procedures

In the vein of being proactive, there are many customer service tips that can solve customer problems before they even get to you. One great idea is to have forums and FAQ sections on your website. You may even install live chat functions and use bots to answer queries, limiting the number of calls you will get from customers.

You should also have procedures in place to deal with problems quickly when they go wrong. You can read about the benefits of a courier service to customer service here.

5. Be Honest

Finally, be honest with your customers. Don’t over-promise anything, from the product you are selling to the time it takes to deliver. In fact, where you can, try to air on the side of caution to eliminate customer service issues in the future.

Customer Satisfaction Tracking

Now you know how to improve customer satisfaction, then don’t forget to measure it. Take surveys every six months and choose specific satisfaction metrics. Look back to see how you have improved and can keep on improving.

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