Joining The Military

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Joining the military is one thing that will present opportunities and challenges. In 1775 the Second Continental Congress found the Army which is the oldest United States military service. Initially, its purpose was to protect the first 13 counties’ freedom but today it has evolved and developed from the small militia force into the premier fighting force in the world. The main role of the US military is to defend the Nation, to serve US people, to protect national interests and to fulfill the national military responsibilities.

Joining The Military Today

Most individuals think that joining the military is simply a matter of getting into a recruiters office, getting a physical examination and signing a few papers. But in reality, it is a lengthy process which is also complicated. Factors like physical and mental examinations, service selection, your criminal history, job selection, weight, age, and vision requirements will come into play.

Choosing A Service

The US military has seven reserve components and 5 active duty branches. The 5 active duty branches include the Army, the Air Force, the Coast Guard, the Navy and the Marine Corps. The reserve components include the Air Force Reserves, the Army Reserves, the Air National Guard, the Coast Guard Reserves, the Navy Reserves as well as Marine Corps Reserves and Army National Guard.

Qualifying To Join The Military

Serving in the US military has no right. Congress has granted the services absolute rights of setting the standards for their enlistment and commissioning as well as the right to reject or accept applicants based on their set standards. Some factors like aptitude testing, medical condition, and age, number of dependants, criminal history and legal immigration/citizenship get into play.

Enlisted Jobs

The US Army & Marine Corps call their enlisted jobs MOS’s’ (Military Occupation Specialists). The Coast Guard and the Navy normally their enlisted job careers as ratings’. And the Air Force also enlisted jobs as AFSC’s’ (Air Force Specialty Codes) or simply Career Fields’. But above that, there are more than 800 entry level jobs for the enlisted applicants. This highly depends on qualifications and the service needs. All of these can be details on Air Force Rings.

Enlistment Incentives

Enlistments incentives entice people to join United States military. There are some incentives available to every person who enlists – including the Montgomery G.I. Bill. All other incentives depend on the service and mostly the type of job that a person qualifies for.

Commissioning Options

People with bachelor’s degrees may join the military as commissioned officers rather than enlisted members. A commissioned officer receives a higher pay than the enlisted members even though they have a greater degree of accountability, responsibility and authority.

Processing In

Joining the military requires you to do more than raising your right hand or talking to a recruiter. It involves several weeks of interviews, processing, and lots of paperwork before shipping out.

Shipping Out

Mostly, shipping out needs a second time trip to MEPS where officials re-certify your qualifications. They also discharge you from delayed enlistment programs and then transport you for the basic training. After the training, you will go through job training and finally they will assign you to your duty station.

Military Appreciation

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