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Joaquin Phoenix & Rooney Mara- Workout, Recovery and Natural Renewal

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Superstar actor, Joaquin Phoenix has been a health enthusiast since he was a small child. He has been a vegan for his entire life, and is public about returning to his roots and keeping his body in great shape. Many of his roles are physically demanding, and he is known for his martial arts workouts and recovery in preparing for his roles. Along with his actress girlfriend, Rooney Mara, they spend a lot of time practicing karate and working hard on fitness of the body and mind.

Balanced Body

Joaquin Phoenix is definitely an unusual actor and is known for going to extremes for his roles. He has become a firefighter, ‘starved’ himself to play Jesus, and gained a substantial amount of weight for his role in Gladiator. All of these vast physical changes require him to keep his body at prime health in spite of the drastic weight fluctuations.

Working out to be lean or working out to bulk up still needs to be healthy. As a pro, Joaquin Phoenix couples exercise and recovery in a balanced way. He has taken to cryotherapy to aid in his recovery, along with his actress girlfriend Rooney Mara. They were recently spotted leaving a cryotherapy center in Los Angeles, after they had done a martial arts session. Cryotherapy provides many benefits with its deep cold temps and enzyme bolstering effects. The body’s own natural systems kick into high gear when inside a 3 minute cryotherapy session. The sub zero cold temperatures induce the body to pull the blood to the core, to ‘protect’ the vital organs. While there, it is oxygenated, toxins are removed and nutrients are boosted in preparation to rush through the body system to restore healing and protection to the muscles, skin and brain.

Cryotherapy stimulates the metabolism, turning our metabolically inactive cells into active ones, helping us lose weight. No wonder models, performers and athletes all swear by it.

Three Minutes To Full Recovery

When the cryotherapy user steps back into the regular room temperatures the body does it’s natural processes and provides all the nutrients in a rush to the arms, legs, and other parts of the body. The muscles and joints have reduced workout inflammation, and the muscles are re-energized with blood and nutrients. The skin receives collagen and the brain receives heightened endorphin flow to make the cryotherapy user feel great.

Actors and actresses everywhere are touting the great benefits of cryotherapy on their bodies. A fantastic recovery tool, it helps the entire body and regular user benefits include better sleep, weight loss potential, glowing healthy skin and much more. Cryotherapy is available across the world and has become a mainstream safe and effective way to naturally keep you looking and feeling your best.

Learn more about the benefits of cryotherapy, find out how you can provide cryotherapy services, and read the guide on the cryotherapy business.

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