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It’s Positive! 7 Creative Ways to Tell Your Husband You’re Pregnant

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Every year, almost 4 million babies are born in the U.S. alone.

If you just found out you’re part of those statistics this year, you’re probably excited to announce it to anyone who’ll listen. But the first person to hear the news is likely your husband.

Sure, you can just blurt out the news as soon as you see the positive pregnancy test. But finding creative ways to tell your husband you’re pregnant is more fun and memorable.

Consider your husband’s personality and how he might respond to different announcement methods. It’s a very personal event, so you want it to be something special that you’ll both enjoy.

Many of the ideas are easy to tweak to make them personalized to you and your spouse. Several ideas also result in a keepsake that helps you always remember how you break the news to the daddy to be.

Consider one of these seven creative ways to tell your husband you’re pregnant.

1. Set an Extra Plate

Show your husband you’re about to become a party of one more by setting an extra plate at the table. Opt for a smaller plate or buy a baby plate to make the announcement more obvious. You might include a baby bottle or baby food is you want to make it really obvious.

You can add this announcement by cooking a meal with a baby theme. Ideas include baby back ribs, baby carrots, baby corn, and similar items. Print out a menu with “baby” in all of the names of the foods if you think he’ll need an extra hint.

2. Make It a Puzzle

Make your husband work to find out he’s earned dad status by setting up some type of puzzle or game. A jigsaw puzzle customized with an ultrasound photo or a printed message with the announcement is one option. Put the puzzle together with your husband, and wait for his reaction when he realizes what the puzzle’s saying.

Organize a scavenger hunt around the house with subtle clues added. You might put a clue in the oven to hint at a bun in the oven or put a clue in the pantry next to a jar of Prego spaghetti sauce. Leave the last clue in the future nursery with a message about your pregnancy.

Give your husband a mental challenge by giving him letter tiles that spell out “I’m pregnant” or “we’re having a baby.” Challenge him to figure out the secret message by spelling out the phrase with the letter tiles.

3. Take a Photo

Give your husband a visual clue about becoming a dad by taking a photo with hints in it. The photo doubles as a keepsake to commemorate your husband finding out he’s being promoted to dad.

One idea is to put a pair of your shoes and his shoes on the ground. Add a pair of baby shoes between them.

Another option is to tell your husband that you’ll each write a sweet message to one another on a chalkboard. Stand back to back so you can’t see the other person’s chalkboard. Your photographer takes photos of both chalkboards.

You can have the photographer show your husband the image immediately on the camera. Or you can wait and have a printed copy made.

For a quick option, find a photo booth at a local mall or similar location. While the photo booth is snapping your photos, announce that you’re pregnant. You’ll capture your husband’s initial reaction beautifully without hiring a professional photographer.

4. Hint With a Book

Let him know he needs to start studying up on baby care by giving him a book about being a dad. See if he understands the gift right away or needs a minute for it to sink in.

For a different book idea, pick out a baby book for your newest addition. If there’s a spot for the due date in the book, add your due date before giving it to him.

5. Construction Notice

Claim a room for the nursery and announce your pregnancy at the same time with a construction notice. Type a sign that notifies everyone that the room will so be under construction. A similar option is to create a rezoning sign that says the room will be rezoned as a baby nursery.

If you’re taking over your husband’s man cave as a nursery, send him an eviction notice. Use your due date as the date he needs to vacate the premises.

If you want to draw a little more attention to the construction notice, add caution tape across the door. You might even start putting paint buckets or other remodeling materials in or near the room for extra effect.

6. Make Room for Baby

Start moving in baby stuff without telling your husband, and see how long it takes him to catch on to your message. Put baby bottles in the cupboard with the glasses, or start your stockpile of diapers and leave it where he can find it. Start a collection of board books or baby toys.

7. Say It With a Shirt

Giving your husband a new dad gift is a sweet way to announce your pregnancy. Present the dad to be a shirt announcing his new status as a dad. Place it in a shirt box so the word “dad” is visible as soon as he opens the box.

This option is something he can continue wearing for years. Pair the shirt with a cute onesie with his favorite sports team’s logo or another fun design to make sure he understands what the gift means. For an even more obvious hint, add the pregnancy test with the gift.

Creative Ways to Tell Your Husband You’re Pregnant

Finding creative ways to tell your husband you’re pregnant makes the announcement memorable for both of you. Many ideas include keepsakes that help you remember the occasion. No matter which option you choose, make sure the announcement fits your personalities and is something your husband will appreciate.

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