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Is There a Way to Buy Chinese Antiques for Your Collection?


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Finding authentic Chinese antiques takes a keen eye. Unfortunately, thousands of counterfeit antiques and collectibles are available. This makes it difficult for collectors to identify and purchase genuine pieces.

But there are several reputable places to Buy Chinese antiques. Though. it can be challenging to verify an item’s authenticity online. Yet there are reputable dealers that can help you find what you’re looking for.

Let’s find out how you can start or expand your collection of authentic Chinese antiques!


There are several places to find and purchase Chinese antiques. That said, not every retailer is honest or helpful. Local antique shops may have the occasional steal, but it’s a rarity.

As such, collectors may want to consider purchasing Chinese antiques from fellow collectors. But finding a reputable collector or dealer can be tricky. Fortunately, the esteemed Weisbrod Collection has a little bit of everything.


You can find some of the most unique and priceless pieces within the Weisbrod Collection. Investors looking to Buy Chinese antiques may find that the ideal item they’ve been searching for belongs to this collection.

That’s because the Weisbrod Collection has been growing since the 1960s. In that time, the collection’s founder Dr. Gerald Weisbrod and his son Michael B. Weisbrod have managed to amass some of the most incredible Chinese antiques.

You can find neolithic-era sculptures and hand-carved Buddhist figurines within this massive collection. Each item is authentic and has a story behind it.

Whether you’re a long-time collector or a novice, the Weisbrod Collection has something for you to enjoy. Instead of browsing through thousands of counterfeit pieces, trust in Weisbrod to help you find what you’re looking for.


Porcelain is a delicate type of ceramic. It has become so associated with Chinese culture that many people refer to their porcelain dinnerware as ‘China.’ But finding and purchasing Chinese ceramics can be challenging.

After all, thanks to the popularity of Chinese porcelain, there are many imitators. But there are several ways to avoid counterfeit porcelain antiques.

Authentic Chinese ceramics are typically only available through reputable retailers and collectors. So purchasing from an established collector is one of the safest and most reliable routes.

It’s also crucial to be wary of blue-and-white Chinese ceramics. These are, by far, the most popular types of Chinese porcelain. As such, they’re some of the most commonly counterfeited items.

Additionally, collectors searching for a specific era of Chinese porcelain should familiarize themselves with the techniques used to create ceramics during that period. If your chosen antique seems suspicious, move on.


Human beings began working with bronze about 5,000 years ago. Our ancient ancestors left behind many bronze tools, figurines, and vessels. Unsurprisingly, the Ancient Chinese people were gifted bronze workers.

Collectors hoping to amass some bronze antiques from Ancient China should summarily avoid bright, shiny pieces. Bronze doesn’t tend to stay polished forever, especially if it has been buried.

Many authentic Chinese bronze artifacts and antiques appear green, brown, or gray due to aging. However, there are a few rare pieces that still retain their original shine and hue.

Some bronze items also feature inlaid gemstones or precious metals. This bronze wine vessel, for example, still has bright gold inlays that shimmer in the light. But most ancient pieces won’t be quite so stunning.

When searching for authentic Chinese bronze, be sure to compare the item’s listed age against its appearance. If it’s supposed to be several thousands of years old, but it shows no signs of corrosion, it may be a fake.


Buddhism is one of the oldest still-practiced religions, dating back to the 6th century BCE. It remains one of the most widespread, popular forms of spirituality throughout Asia, including China.

Consequently, antique Chinese Buddhist sculptures are somewhat commonplace. That said, these figurines vary significantly in terms of size, age, and quality. Additionally, counterfeit options are easy to find.

When investing in Chinese Buddhist sculptures, it’s essential to recognize how the imagery of Buddha has changed over the centuries. For example, the fat and happy version of Buddha is a very modern one.

Traditionally, Buddha (also called Siddhartha) was depicted as an average-sized man, often sitting in Padmasana (the Lotus Pose). You can see this type of representation by examining this rare Buddhist stele.


When many people think about Chinese antiques, they think about jade. That’s because jade stone is one of the most precious minerals in Chinese culture.

Often associated with the wealthy and powerful, jade is thought to bring good luck to those who own it. But imitation jade jewelry, figurines, and antiques are everywhere. As such, buyers must be careful when investing.

Still, there are Chinese jade collections that interested parties can browse from. Notably, many of the most ancient jade pieces lack the typical greenish hue found in modern jade stones.

When jade stone is buried, its coloration can change. Jade figurines and totems dating back to more than 10,000 years ago often appear white. For example, this neolithic jade dragon could almost pass for bone or marble.

Choosing the right authentic Chinese jade piece to complete your collection means understanding how this mineral changes over time. Remember, just because it’s green doesn’t mean it’s legitimate Chinese jade.


If you’re looking to Buy Chinese antiques, it’s crucial to choose a reputable dealer or collector. Purchasing Chinese ceramics, bronzes, or statues from general online marketplaces can be risky, as counterfeit items are common.

The Weisbrod Collection is a fantastic resource for collectors. Not only is this collection verified, but it’s also one of the largest collections of Chinese antiques available to buyers.

Don’t hesitate to expand your collection. Learn more about us, and the Weisbrod Collection, today!

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