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4 Benefits of Working With a Patient Advocate

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While only around 70,000 people list themselves as a patient advocate in the United States, they perform a vital service for many Americans. They offer support to those who need help with healthcare in many different ways, giving patients the quality of life they deserve at all times. Though, what is it exactly they do, and how can that help you and the people you love?

This article will break down the role of a patient advocate so you can understand what it means to work with one. By the end, you should also know where you can go to find such a professional service in your area.

1. Creating Personalized Care Plans

A patient advocate can work with someone to understand exactly what they need moving forward in their healthcare journey. As everyone has different needs, a healthcare advocate can take the time to learn the exact nature of a patient and what will ensure their well-being. They can then document this in detail, taking into account the patient’s history, lifestyle, and preferences.

Working with a healthcare provider, they then negotiate to ensure the patient receives the best care possible.

2. Advocating for the Patient’s Rights and Needs

Sometimes a patient cannot discuss their issue with professionals themselves. When this occurs, an advocate can take up the mantle of healthcare advocacy instead. They ensure the healthcare providers in charge of patient care respect the patient’s wishes and desires at all times.

The end goal of the advocate is to ensure a person’s dignity and autonomy during the healthcare process. They will also act to protect their rights and prevent problems moving forward.

3. Communicating Complex Medical Terms

One part of patient advocacy is empowering the patient in question to make the best decisions where possible. Many patients misunderstand the information their healthcare provider offers them. As such, this can mean they need a little extra explanation to get to a point where they can make better decisions.

Sometimes that means giving people all the data available to them so people can decide their course of action from a position of knowledge. Other times, it means taking the time to ensure a patient fully understands a course of action they wish to take, as well as its repercussions.

As sometimes a medical process can lead to further issues, an advocate ensures any questions a patient has is answered in a way they understand.

4. Helping With Transitions Between Care Settings

As a patient continues in their long-term journey, an advocate can help to make any major transitions as easy as possible. For example, when a patient moves between community health facilities, there is always the danger of data loss. An advocate ensures all information ends up in the proper place, correcting errors as they appear.


Ensuring You Get the Best Patient Advocate

This advice should help you understand why and how a patient advocate does what they do. You might now want to look into getting their help for yourself or a member of your family.

Manavist Group can help you by offering specialized services tailored exactly to the needs of the patient in question. So, get in contact with us today to discuss your specific needs and get the help your situation demands.

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