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Invisible Arm Lift Surgery

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Also known as a transverse brachioplasty

Did you ever wave to someone only to be horrified at how the skin underneath your upper arm flaps back and forth? Unfortunately, as we age our skin becomes stretched and loose. The upper arms give away a person’s age, as the excess skin can’t be hidden, except by clothes. The traditional surgery for this condition is an arm lift. This surgery used to involve a long scar down the inside of the upper arm, from armpit to elbow. This has the effect of removing the excess, hanging skin but results in a scar that is worse looking than the original flabby skin.

Dr. Steven Varkony has developed an operation called the “Hidden Scar” Arm Lift. Utilizing his unique approach, this surgery gets rid of the old- fashioned, ugly, vertical scar and replaces it with a hidden scar, a scar lying transversely (horizontally) across the armpit. Now you can have tighter, younger looking arms without anyone knowing that you had surgery. Yes, you can wear short sleeves again! After surgery your arms are tighter, slimmer and younger –looking. People love the results of the Invisible Arm Lift. Over and over again, we hear how great a difference this surgery has made in our patients’ lives.

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