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Invicta Construction Provides 8 Tips for Commercial Builds

Invicta Construction has all of the commercial construction and renovation tips you need for your business project to succeed.


Alberta, CA, 31 March 2021 – Invicta Construction is proud to provide 8 tips for commercial builds.

Invicta Construction, an Alberta-based commercial construction and renovations company, has all of the commercial construction or renovation tips you need for your business project to succeed.

According to Invicta Construction, “before building a new commercial building or investing in a significant commercial renovation, it’s essential first to make sure it’s the right step for your company. If it will suit your companies needs and goals, boost productivity, or allow the company to take the next step forward, and there are funds available to do so, it’s the right choice. Now it’s time to tackle the planning and building process.”

Invicta Construction provides commercial construction services to help improve your organization. To learn more about Invicta Construction, feel free to visit its website at

Invicta Construction continues to share that, “budgeting for a new commercial building project is different than a home renovation or even a simple commercial renovation in Edmonton. Before you sit down to crunch out those numbers alone, consider hiring some professional help. There are many factors, circumstances, and details involved that can all affect the final cost. Beyond just the cost for the materials and labour for the physical building, the location will affect prices. If you’re building in a new part of the city, expect that certain areas will be more expensive than others. Still, a more expensive location may be worth the initial investment if the long-term payback is worthwhile. These are all things a professional can help you consider.”

With so many clients looking for the best commercial contractors in Edmonton, it can be hard to know where to turn. Luckily for you, that’s where Invicta Construction comes in. With a focus on quality customer service, Invicta Construction has the commercial construction solutions you need to succeed.

About its company mission, Invicta Construction explains that “the best way to handle any disputes or avoid misunderstandings is to know your building team. Who reports to whom, what subcontractors are on-site and when, and how can you reach them? Keep in mind that there will likely be two different crews, the ground crew, and the finishing crew. Understanding the hierarchy within your building team will make conflict resolution much easier for your commercial renovations in Edmonton.”

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About Invicta Construction: Invicta Construction is a commercial construction and renovation company that is based in Alberta, Canada.

Official Disclaimer: “Invicta Construction Inc. offers the full scope of commercial construction in Edmonton, including renovation and building services. We are committed to clear communication, budget and schedule control, cost-efficiency, quality, and exceptional craftsmanship.”

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