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Celebrate in Style: 5 Places to Go for Your 21st Birthday

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Milestone birthdays are big ones, worthy of big celebrations.

When you were 13 that meant a movie and hanging out for a sleepover with your best buds. At 16, you made a trip with your parents to the DMV to get your coveted driver’s license.

21 means you can legally drink. And you are ready for a celebration. You want all your best friends to take a trip to celebrate this big birthday.

Where can you go that’ll be fun beyond the partying? Check out these five best places to go for your 21st birthday. Then start your birthday party planning!

1. Miami

Miami is filled with beaches, celebrities, and nightclubs. What better way to bring on 21.

There can’t be a better 21st birthday trip than heading to Miami. You and your friends can spend the day at the pool. Or you can hit the surf and hang out on famous Miami Beach.

Then be ready for some nightlife when you hit Miami’s famous night club scene. Dress to impress and be ready for a night of dancing and partying.

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2. Las Vegas

You know what they say about Vegas. What happens there, stays there. That makes it a great place to bring in your 21st year.

Hit up a wild daytime pool party. Do some gambling. Maybe even consider one of their famous shows.

Las Vegas is the city that never sleeps and has something for everyone, whether it is 2 pm or 2 am.

3. New Orleans

New Orleans knows how to throw a party. Have them throw one in your honor.

New Orleans also knows how to make some pretty wickedly famous cocktails. Wander down Bourbon Street. Grab one of the famous hurricanes.

Visit the famous Pat O’Brien’s for another one of those hurricanes. Their indoor piano bar will get your whole group singing and celebrating.

4. Thailand Beaches

Want to have a 21st birthday celebration you or any of your friends will ever forget? Try something different and head to Southeast Asia, specificallyThailand’s famous tropical beaches.

Consider visiting Patong Beach on the island of Phuket. Here you’ll get great beaches. You will also have access to shopping and fun nightlife for after your days on the beach.

Contact WorldRoamer to help you arrange your hotels for this memorable trip.

5. Chicago

Another fun place to go when you turn 21 is Chicago. This town loves its bars and knows how to have a party.

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With several professional sports teams, you could also hit up a hockey, football or baseball game with your group. Then hit up the Windy City’s vibrant nightlife after the game.

Celebrate With One of These Places to Go for Your 21st Birthday

This list of places to go for your 21st birthday is diverse and filled with potential memory-making fun. The only thing to do know is coral your friends and start the planning.

Choose a place that offers a fun party scene, but also opportunities to hang out with your friends, whether that’s at the beach, a casino or a sporting event.

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