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Introducing Maths Skills to Your Child Before Preschool

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Maths! It is that one subject that gives some parents nightmares even to think about. After all, who can forget those dreaded maths classes in school? However, as much as some of us dislike it, we cannot deny the importance of maths in our lives. It is the very foundation on which our world runs.

This is why it is extremely important to introduce maths to your child early on so that they do not face any difficulties in the future.

Interestingly, maths skills can be introduced to children even before they start preschool. Believe it or not, this can be done in a fun and engaging way! We’ll look at some ideas on introducing maths skills to your child before preschool.

But first, let’s understand why it is important to introduce maths skills early to a child:

Why Is It Important to Introduce Numeracy Skills to Your Preschooler? 

Maths is not just about solving equations and learning tables. It is a way of thinking and looking at the world around us in a new perspective. By introducing maths skills early, you are setting your child up for success in school and beyond. Maths helps develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

It also teaches children to think logically and to see patterns. All these skills are important not just in maths but in all other subjects as well. In fact, studies have shown that children who perform well in maths tend to do better overall in school.

Children need numeracy skills to do everyday things like:

  • Add up money at the market, shop, or restaurant
  • Count the number of children in a picture and compare it with another photograph 
  • Calculate distances when running
  • Read the time: knowing how to read time will help them understand basic math. 
  • Solving simple maths problems like measuring ingredients for a recipe or counting the number of blocks used to build something becomes easier when your child has math skills.

 Maths helps the child develop an interest in numbers. Maths is everywhere, and your little one will realize this more quickly if they have been introduced to numbers at a young age. Maths develops critical thinking skills that are necessary for life. Children who grapple with maths concepts often give up easily, affecting their confidence.

An early introduction will help the child understand that maths can be fun!

So, now we know how important maths skills are for preschoolers. Let’s look at some of the fun and engaging ways in which you can introduce maths skills to your child.

How to Introduce Maths Skills Before Preschool?

The key to introducing maths skills before preschool is to make it fun and engaging. You want the child to realize that maths is everywhere, and it can be fun!

Here are some ideas on how to introduce maths skills before preschool:

1. Number Recognition 

The first step is to help your child recognize numbers. This can be done in a number of ways. You can use everyday objects to count to help your child with number recognition.  

You can also use flashcards with numbers and pictures. Start with numbers 1 to 5 and then gradually increase the number of flashcards. Luckily, you can even make your own flashcards with pictures of objects from around the house.

2. Counting 

Once your child can recognize numbers, the next step is to help them understand what those numbers mean. This is where counting comes in. Start by counting objects around the house with your child.

You can count the number of books on the shelf or the number of forks and spoons on the dining table. As you count, point to each object so that your child understands that each number corresponds to a specific object.

You can also use everyday activities to teach counting. For instance, you can ask your child to help you count the number of steps as you go up or down the stairs.

3. One-to-One Correspondence 

One-to-one correspondence is an important maths concept. It means that each object corresponds to a specific number. This concept is best taught through practical activities and games.

One simple game to teach one-to-one correspondence is coloured blocks. In this game, you can ask your child to touch a specific coloured block as you call out a number. For instance, if you say ‘2 pink blocks’, then they need to touch two pink blocks. This will help them understand that the number corresponds to the colour. 

4.   Comparing Numbers 

Comparing numbers is another important maths concept. It helps children understand that some numbers are bigger or smaller than others. This concept can be taught through simple games and activities.

A great game to teach children about comparing numbers is called ‘number line’. In this game, you can ask your child to place number cards in a certain order. For example, if you say ‘5’, they will have to put the 5th card on the line. You can also play with bigger and smaller cards so that children understand what it means for one number to be bigger or smaller than another.

5.   Basic Maths Skills 

Once your child has mastered the basic concepts of math, they will be ready to tackle more complex problems. This is where basic maths skills come in. Basic maths skills include addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

You can introduce these concepts through simple games and activities. For instance, you can ask your child to help you solve a simple problem like ‘3+4’. As they start to understand the concept of addition, you can increase the difficulty of the problem.

Overall, introducing maths skills to your child before preschool can be a lot of fun! By making it engaging and enjoyable, you will help your child understand the importance of maths and build positive associations with learning. Remember, the more you practice these concepts with your child, the better they will become at maths!

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