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4 Ways to Improve and Maintain the Tires of Your Fleet’s Trucks – Our Guide

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One of the most important obligations and responsibilities that both truck drivers and fleet managers in America need to abide by at all times is ensuring that truck tires are in their prime condition all-year-round.

In recent years, America’s freeways (especially the ones that pass through Texas and other nearby areas) have seen increasing rates of tire blowouts amongst trucks. Such incidents have led to catastrophic accidents that affect other civilians and vehicles on the road as well. For the most part, the main causes of these tire blowouts and tire-related accidents that involve 18-wheelers can be rooted back to the lack of proper maintenance or inadequate checking of the tires.

Fortunately, the solution to future prevention is to do everything that you can to keep your truck’s tires in the best shape possible. To ensure that your drivers, trucks, other drivers on the road, and your finances are as safe as possible during every trip, here are four maintenance tips that you can start applying right away:

1. Have your wheels aligned every three to four months

A common reason that truck tires experience sudden blowouts is that the wheels that they’re attached to aren’t professionally aligned.

Without proper alignment, your truck tires will experience greater levels of wear and tear in a shorter amount of time and cause uneven balding while also causing a few more problems with your steering. With the help of a professional tire alignment, however, you can keep your tires in as great shape and ensure smoother drives with the help of trained experts and cutting-edge tools that help keep everything in line.

2. Rotate your tires every 6,000 to 8,000 miles

Another important yet easy-to-perform truck tire maintenance practice is a regular tire rotation for every 6,000 to 8,000 miles a truck covers.

Regularly rotating your tires will keep them in the best shape possible over years of use by making sure that their tread wear is as evenly distributed, essentially leads to longer-lasting tires. Generally speaking, you can rotate the tires on your own if you have the necessary tools, but it would be better to let a professional (such as Texas’ own Truck Tire Depot Texas) handle the process for you instead.

3. Keep the pressure in your tires constant every single trip

Out of all the different tire maintenance practices that you could possibly perform regularly, the most important one is keeping the tire pressure in each tire consistent. By taking the initiative to regularly check the pressure of your tires and fill them when they go below the factory-recommended air pressure level, you’ll be able to prevent tire blowouts by a longshot, all while improving your truck’s fuel economy as well.

4. Always inspect your tires before you leave for any trip

One of the simplest and easiest ways to keep watch over the tires of your truck is to run a pre-haul check before any trip by performing the following:

  • Checking the air pressure levels of each tire
  • Looking at the tread of your tires and checking if they’re roadworthy
  • Checking for any potential punctures or slight air leaks that need to be fixed or patched up

If your tires don’t pass the pre-trip or haul inspection, make sure to swap them out with a new piece or set for good measure. After all, the cost of one replacement is minimal compared to the settlement costs of a road accident!

Final words

Keeping the tires on your truck as roadworthy and capable of fulfilling the needs of your customers as possible is an endeavor that entails adopting the right practices for longevity and durability. By taking the four practices mentioned on this list into mind, you’ll be able to keep your tires in the best shape all-year-round and keep your fleet accident-free until the time for replacement comes!

If you’re running a fleet and wish to keep the tires on your trucks capable of serving your needs on every haul, get in touch with Texas’ truck tire experts over at Truck Tire Depot Texas today!

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