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Inpatient vs Outpatient Mental Health Therapy: What’s the Difference?

Are you struggling with depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder? You may recognize a mental health problem, but you’re not sure how to get help for it. In addition, you have a job or family obligations that rule out residential therapy. However, you have other options. What’s the difference in inpatient vs outpatient mental health therapy? And which will work for you?

Inpatient vs Outpatient Mental Health Therapy: What’s the Difference?

The biggest difference in inpatient vs outpatient care is where you live while you receive therapy. In inpatient, or residential, you live in a clinic 24/7. You’ll attend therapy sessions during the day. You may also take part in other beneficial activities designed to improve your mental health. The amount of time spent in residential care differs, depending on your needs.

What’s outpatient care like when comparing inpatient vs outpatient mental health? You still attend therapy sessions with skilled professionals, but you return home each night. Therapy will most likely be scheduled to fit conveniently into your life, especially if you work and/or have caregiver obligations.

Your sessions may be short, allowing you to attend after your workday. Or, you might meet with your therapist for several hours a few times per week. You’ll have much more flexibility with this type of therapy program, but the professionals you partner with will give you assignments to complete between your sessions.

What’s Important Is Seeking Therapy

Whether it’s inpatient vs outpatient mental health therapy, what matters most is seeking help when you need it. Many people grapple with severe phobias, anxiety, depression and anger issues on their own. Some of them self-medicate with drugs and alcohol which only make their problems worse and may require treatment from an addiction treatment program. They may begin having trouble on the job or in their relationships. Instead of leading a stable, productive life, they start to withdraw as they’re overwhelmed with emotions and feelings they can’t control. Seeking men’s and women’s mental health therapy is a first step toward getting better.

Outpatient rehab therapy is an option for people who can’t take time away from their jobs or other obligations. For some, this is the only way they’re able to get the life-changing help they need.

Help for All Types of Psychiatric Disorders

Huntington Beach Psychiatry provides convenient and accessible behavioral health services to men and women. We have flexible appointment availability and short wait times because we know how important your mental health is — you shouldn’t have to wait months for good therapy. Our clinic is part of Promises Mental Health services, and we treat a range of psychiatric disorders, including:

Personality Disorders

If you or a loved one needs mental health therapy that fits comfortably into your life, give our clinic a call. Our skilled specialists can help you attain the stability and independence you want and deserve. Contact us today at 844.875.5609 to learn more or visit

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