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Doctor-Fix-It of Denver Launches New All-Star Sponsorship Plan For $20 A Month

Doctor Fix-It is a proud supporter of the All-Stars Club, a local non-profit organization. The company will launch a new sponsorship plan for $20 monthly during the Denver St. Patrick’s Day parade. All-Stars club and DFI will also be participating in the event. Doctor Fix-it says, “See us at the parade.”


Denver, CO, March 6, 2023— Doctor fix it is launching a new All-Star sponsorship. Customers can donate $10 per month to Doctor Fix-It, who will match it, and receive their annual priority service plan for free by sponsoring an All-Star for just $20 per month.

Doctor Fix-It takes pride in providing quality service to all its clients; however, those who sign up for their annual service plan receive extra perks and precedence. The benefits are: Periodic HVAC maintenance (AC in the Spring and Furnace in the Fall), which gets 15% off on all Denver, CO a/c repairs, free diagnostics, a plumbing check of the entire home, and inspection for overall electrical safety.

It takes highly qualified personnel to diagnose and solve air-conditioning problems accurately for the first time. At Doctor Fix-It, offering homeowners peace of mind by delivering excellent services by skilled professionals is essential. Before diagnosing and providing options, their technicians will allow you to describe the issue. Before they begin work, their certified technicians in Denver, CO, a/c repairs will provide you with a written estimate. All repair work is done with the utmost care for you, your family, and your property.

Preventative maintenance on the HVAC system can help avoid expensive future repairs. Filters clogged with dirt can only contain so much, and if you don’t wash or replace them, you risk recirculating everything trapped within the house. Your HVAC system has to work harder when the filters are dirty, increasing the likelihood of malfunctions or repairs. To avoid any negative consequences, you need replace or clean your filters frequently. You can keep your HVAC system running like new with a good maintenance schedule. Call in the best Denver, CO HVAC contractor at Doctor Fix-It. Thanks to their knowledge and expertise, they will keep you comfortable no matter the season.

Doctor Fix-It is the place to go for Heating & AC Maintenance. As a leading HVAC repair company in Denver, CO, they know typical indications that suggest your air conditioner needs repair. Their air conditioning maintenance will ensure your air conditioner works flawlessly throughout the summer. They provide reasonably priced HVAC maintenance that accounts for common and uncommon issues that could seriously damage the cooling system.

Furthermore, you can get advice from their professionals on additional problems that might affect your cooling systems, such as appropriate location, room size, appliance heat, and sun effects. They provide maintenance for all well-known brands and varieties of cooling systems.

About Doctor Fix-it:

Doctor Fix-It has been in business for over 70 years. It began by only providing plumbing services. The company’s areas of expertise have expanded, including heating, cooling, and electrical work. They are proud to be a family-owned and operated business that serves Denver homes and businesses.

Contact Information:

Name: Megan Doser
Business: Doctor Fix-It
Address: 363 W Evans Ave Denver, CO 80223
Phone number: 720-797-7373

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