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Independent Review: Metropolis Construction Cam Construction Time Lapse Solution Deployment

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Earlier this summer, we featured a long term time lapse project that captured the demolition/restoration of the derelict Carmelite Convent in Chichester, UK in order to build the Chichester Free School. Tomas Jurjonas from Metropolis Visual was behind the project.

If you recall from the original feature, this project came up for Jurjonas very last minute… and it was the first long term time lapse project they had ever undertaken. It was quite the scramble to provide the products he required in time, but we made it happen. And he made the project happen.

Watch the video below for more background on this project and his thoughts on using our products for this project.


“The biggest issue we had [was that] the construction site was in the middle of nowhere. So the time lapse solution had to be self sufficient. We came across CamDo Solutions online, and without hesitation, we gave them a call.”

The end result is a beautiful video that captures the transformation of this building. But Metropolis Visual didn’t stop there. They created aseries of progress videos to document the entire process. All of which can now be found professionally presented on their website. The result? Several more long term time lapse projects are now in the works for the company.

“It was very easy to set up and start using right away. I would strongly recommend everyone to use CamDo time lapse solutions. The products themselves that they provide are fantastic. Highly recommended!”

If you’ve followed our blog for awhile, you know that we talk a lot about the importance of progress videos, making project assets work harder for your marketing efforts, and more. This is a perfect example of all of those things working together to tell the story of a significant construction project—also resulting in additional future projects as a reward for all of the amazing work! We’d call that a ‘win’ for everyone involved.

As Jurjonas mentions in the video, our system is quick and easy to set up. If you’re ready to start your own time lapse project, contact us today to start capturing!

About Metropolis Visual

Metropolis Visual was founded in 2016 with a mission to improve advertising for the better. Whether the goals are tied to building brand awareness, educating and converting customers/clients or team expansion, they believe the all-in-one package of sight, sound and motion is one of the best tools you can have in your marketing arsenal that truly works. They aim to transform your business and they way you interact with potential clientele. Their passion is  video marketing that evokes emotion, impels action, stays in your customers’/clients’ memory for days (if not forever). Follow them onFacebook,YouTube, andInstagram.

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