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How James Blissett Went From Dog Walker to World Class Gambling Tipster


Richmond, VA, January 13, 2023— A tipster in the top 1% of people in the world who regularly beats the bookies, says his career was inspired by his grandad who taught him tricks when he was just five years old.

As a youngster, James Blissett would travel with his grandfather to the greyhound kennels every Sunday, walk and feed the dogs, before having a chat about upcoming races.

And every weekend, James would visit greyhound tracks in Wimbledon and Romford, where he was shown how to place bets on the pups.

As a young kid, he used to draw circles around which dogs he thought would win and his grandad would take his pick to the bookies and make a punt with a one pound bet placed on his behalf.

Thanks to his early start in gambling, he built on the determination that his grandad – who owned and bred greyhounds – had instilled in him.

As he grew older, James met professional sports bettors from many different industries and his interest grew beyond dogs. Before he knew it, he was gambling on sports and earning an income.

At a time when Conor McGregor was taking the world by storm, mixed martial arts was beginning to grow more popular than ever before. James quickly fell in love with the sport around this time and had soon forgotten about any other sport. He began training in martial arts not long after and taking up fights in Muay Thai Boxing.

In 2015, he decided to focus solely on MMA betting, and all but gave up researching greyhound and horse racing betting.

Four years later he launched his handicapping service, Lucrative MMA where he helps people understand the fundamentals of sports betting, how to make money from betting on MMA, as well as teaching people how to avoid costly mistakes on MMA picks.

Today, James is a world-class all-around bettor, proven by his impressive stats. His results are third-party tracked on the most reputable MMA bet tracking website in the world.

He is currently in profit on every single type of bet, odds range, and weight class across every major combat sports organization (PFL, Bellator, and UFC).

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