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Ignition Marine Announces its Newest Partnership with SeaDek – A Revolution in Non-Skid Products

Ignition Marine Service is a knowledge-edge marine service company that aims to provide the best quality services under the direct supervision of first-class marine engineers.


North Vancouver, BC, 28 April 2023 — Ignition Marine, a premier supplier of marine products and services, proudly announces its newest partnership with SeaDek, the renowned brand of non-skid products.

Ignition Marine is the first company in the Lower Mainland and North Vancouver to offer its customers SeaDek’s exceptional non-skid products. This partnership is expected to bring game-changing results for the marine industry as Seadek’s innovative and customizable products cater to every boat owner’s specific needs.

Mehrnoush Akbari, Ignition Marine’s representative, commented on the company’s partnership with SeaDek, stating: “We are excited to be the first in the Lower Mainland and North Vancouver to offer SeaDek’s premium products. Ignition Marine has always aimed to provide customers with the best marine products and services, and Seadek’s products epitomize that goal. With this collaboration, we can meet our clients’ expectations and provide a customization solution for non-skid products that optimally suits their needs.”

SeaDek’s non-skid products are made from closed-cell PE/EVA foam, providing a safer and more comfortable alternative to traditional marine traction products. SeaDek’s products can readily replace molded-in non-skid, saving OEMs time and money during manufacturing.

The non-skid products from SeaDek come in a wide range of colors, textures, and thicknesses, providing endless customization options. The premium options of SeaDek’s products include:

  • triple lamination
  • custom routing
  • static laser logos
  • full-sheet laser patterning
  • and more.

Hyperform, the parent company of SeaDek, was founded in 1984. SeaDek Marine Products was launched as a brand in 2004 after extensive research, testing, and designing efforts of closed-cell EVA foam as a non-skid decking solution. The brand has since become a staple in the marine industry for quality and innovation.

“With SeaDek’s innovative non-skid products and Ignition Marine’s extensive experience in the marine industry, we can provide customers with a level of customization previously unavailable to boat owners.”

The collaboration is expected to provide customers with the best-in-class product range. Each product will be made to order, ensuring the highest level of quality and durability for each application.

For more information about Ignition Marine’s partnership with SeaDek and their complete line of marine products, visit

About Ignition Marine:

Ignition Marine is a premier supplier of marine products that aims to provide customers with the best-in-class products. The company is based in Vancouver, BC, and offers extensive marine products and services. Headed by CEO Mehrab Zargari, an experienced marine engineer of 15 years, Ignition Marine prides itself on delivering exceptional customer service and its commitment to providing clients with the highest-quality products that cater to their marine needs.


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