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Junk Mail? No, That Was a Medical Recall Notice You Threw Out – and It Could Save Your Life


Seattle, WA, June 30, 2021 – You get a breast implant. A life-saving pacemaker. A knee replacement after a horrifying sports accident. The manufacturer recalls the implant. They send you a letter. You throw it out… and now, you’re missing information that could have been very important to your future health.

Americans get 41 pounds of junk mail in 2020. They mostly chuck it. Doing that with a recall notice could be deadly.

“Once a medical device has been implanted into a patient’s body, the onus is totally on them — a responsibility they shouldn’t have,” says Xcelrate UDI President Joan Melendez.

Medical device recalls are on the rise — judging by current trends, the number of recalls could reach a new high of 1,200 recalls by the end of 2020. Millions of patients rely on these medical devices, covering everything from hip replacements to PPE.

How do we take such a major and life-changing responsibility off the patient?

Healthtech startup Xcelrate UDI‘s medical device barcode scanning solution application brings up all information relating to a medical device or product in seconds.

Healthcare staff are able to use the technology to find all information relating to a device or product. That means they can get rid of it before it goes into a patient. Having all this information ahead of time can help prevent the use of unsafe medical devices.

Xcelrate UDI’s Closed-Loop Automated Solution (CLAS), offered in partnership with TrackMy Solutions, addresses healthcare gaps by automating operational processes for medical devices, improving implant safety at the point of care, and providing patients with actionable medical device information for the lifetime of their implants.


Xcelrate UDI is a healthcare technology and consulting services company that leverages the power of UDI (unique device identifier) medical device barcode scanning solution technology to bridge the information gaps between data sources (provided by manufacturers and the FDA) for medical devices and physical supplies. We focus on device traceability and improving patient safety. Our vision is to be the industry’s most trusted partner in advancing UDI adoption to improve compliance with medical devices and reduce patient risk at the point of care.


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