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Dreams After Covid: What Will You Do

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We are all going through crazy time right now. The world is going through a global pandemic and this is something that none of us ever expected. It has been going on for nearly a year now, and this has affected us in more ways that we can explain. However, while we have had our lives changed and turned upside down in some cases, many of us are soldiering through lockdowns and looking forward to when life gets back to some normality.

One of the things that could be getting you through is thinking about all of the things that we might be doing when this is over. When social distancing is no more and we can hug our loved ones as tightly as possible. What will you do? Here are some ideas to help you create a bucket list of dreams after covid. Maybe it might help you to make some future plans for you and your family and give you something to look forward to.

Go on holiday 

One of the big dreams for so many right now is likely to be going on holiday and enjoying a new country. It could be heading to the beach and sun, enjoying a cocktail or two and spending time with your loved ones. It could be that you want to go skiing or enjoy a safari or a new type of holiday. The world felt extremely small with limited and no travel options and so when this is over so many people want to see the world and enjoy travel once again. It was definitely something a lot of us took for granted in the past.

Change your career

It might be that you think about changing your career. Maybe the lockdowns have meant you have learned a new skill or re-trained yourself with new experiences. Or perhaps you have realized that you don’t love what you do anymore and want to redress your priorities. A change of career can happen at any time, so don’t feel worried if you want to make that big change. Lockdown might have also given you the chance to start your own business which could be a great chance for you to change things up a little when it comes to your home and working life balance.

Do homeschooling full time?

Maybe you had to homeschool your children. With some schools shutting or people choosing to keep their kids home to stay safe, you may have had no choice but to start homeschooling. However, you may have enjoyed it. Not everyone has struggled when it comes to school work and some have enjoyed the difference in education, the relaxed approach and also how much they love being together at home. Maybe you have enjoyed homeschooling and now are considering doing it full time. There will be more opportunities as things go back to normal to join homeschooling communities locally and so things such as museum visits or learning outside. It could be another flexible way of enjoying that home and work life balance.

Relocate to a new country 

Perhaps you have decided that there is one big dream for you and that is relocating to another country. Maybe you like the idea of heading somewhere new, starting a career in a different country or just embracing a new lifestyle and culture. You can easily pack up your home with professionals and companies like CarsRelo can take your vehicle over there if you want to. It could be the start of something new, a fresh chapter and a chance to do something different. Lockdown has shown us that life is too short, so if you have a dream to do this then why not go for it. Most of life is living and enjoying the living while you are. You won’t regret taking the chance.

Make more of family events

Finally, you may want to make more family time and events throughout the year. Birthday parties, big christmas gatherings, it could all be on the cards very soon and this could help you to start to feel happier and enjoy everyone’s company again. One of the biggest things people have missed is each other, so family events and spending time together is likely to be one of the biggest priorities that many people will have once all of this is over. There will be a lot of time to catch up on, so start planning now.

Do you have any dreams or a bucket list for when Covid has gone? Perhaps this will provide you with some inspiration to create your own list/.

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