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Started from the Bottom Now We’re Fluent: 4 Helpful Tips for Learning a New Language

Did you know that 43% of the world’s population is considered bilingual? Do you want to be one of them but don’t know where to start?

It’s a common problem. People think learning a second language is impossible. But it’s not.

Learning a second language does not have to be hard or daunting. Keep reading to learn the best tips for learning a new language and how to have fun doing it. 

1. Tell Yourself You Can Do It

You need to approach learning a new language with a positive mindset. One of the best language learning tips you will hear is to believe in yourself and approach each lesson by telling yourself, you can do it. 

So often the thing that blocks our learning progress is the negative side of our brains telling us it is hard. We defeat ourselves before ever realizing what we are truly capable of. 

2. Work on Your Skills Every Day

If you want to know how to learn a new language, then the simple answer is to work on it every day. You cannot expect to become fluent overnight, and you cannot hope to do it by following a class or using a textbook once or twice a week. 

To become fluent in a second language you need to put in the work. Set aside time each day to work on your skills, and you will be speaking the lingo like a local in no time. 

3. Keep the Pillars of Language in Balance

There are four key pillars of every language. 

If you want to become truly bilingual, you will need to invest time in each pillar equally. Keeping your learning and your progress in balance will also mean you learn faster, as a deeper understanding of one element will bolster your skills in the others. 

A great way to do this is through ESL games, as these will encourage you to use the different language forms and centers to succeed. 

4. Try Learning Phrases Over Single Words

If you want to know how to learn a foreign language in the most effective way, then you should look to learn sentences and phrases first as opposed to single words. 


When you start combing words to form sentences, you can often make mistakes that can knock your confidence. This is because there are single words that all convey the same meaning, but when used in sentence form, some have more applicability than others.

For example, “have a nice day” as opposed to “have a happy day.” The nuances of language are important to remember. 

Both work, but one is more natural than the other. By learning like this, you build your confidence in your skills and are thus inclined to continue your learning. 

Use These Tips for Learning a New Language to Reach Your Goals

These tips for learning a new language are there to help you achieve your goals. Of course, to truly master a language you need to have the desire to speak it and an interest in the culture behind the words. 

There are many advantages to learning a foreign language, especially in the workplace where the internet is making language knowledge an even more valuable asset than ever before. 

Imagine being able to create quality web content for your business in different languages. You could see your reach and brand grow in ways the competition just cannot touch.

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