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How to Write A Powerful Video Marketing Script

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Tips on How to Write a Video Marketing Script

In these difficult times, communication is key. Activating plans with internal staff, reaching out to clients and your stakeholders is critical. Even amidst the COVID-19 crisis, the video marketing script is important, as it is the structure that allows the production to go smoothly. Businesses often assume the process of filming a video is the sole factor in determining its final quality. While the filming process does matter, it is not the only step that must be perfected to create a great marketing video. Understanding how to write a video marketing script is so important when creating marketing content.

Outline Goals

An outline is so important for a video marketing script. It is the guideline for how the script will be fleshed out. It ensures that writers can stay on point throughout the script, instead of veering in an adjacent direction. The outline should answer some important questions, such as:

  • Why am I telling this story?
  • Who is the audience?
  • Will this video provide value?


Create a Narrative

We see so many brand videos that lack a narrative. Learning to write a video marketing script is not just about the technicalities of scriptwriting. It is about understanding that every quality marketing video must be telling a great story.

People get hooked onto stories. Even if it is a 30 second or one-minute ad – there must be a compelling arc that keeps the audience interested. It is a human need to connect with what we are watching. It is what intrigues the audience and keeps them interested in the ending.

The narrative must have a single message, provide context for the information given, and have a proper payoff for the audience. Videos must have a satisfying conclusion!

Have a Call to Action

It is so difficult to create a perfect call to action within a marketing video, but it is one of the most crucial elements of the script. The call to action must be decisive and clear. The audience must know exactly what they are being asked to do. But the call to action cannot interrupt the flow of the video or feel out of place either. It is about finding the balance between being too salesy or not having a call to action at all!

Should the audience share a video? Try the demo of a service? Subscribe to a free trial? Sub to a YouTube channel? These are the questions a call to action must answer while remaining within the flow of the video.

Do Not Be Afraid to Cut

When the first draft of a script is done, it is time to take a pen and begin cutting. Do not be afraid to make cuts, especially if the script seems too long. Cut long words and sentences, along with information that is not 100 percent relevant to the video’s message and narrative.

Learning how to write a video marketing script is not easy, especially in these uncertain times. However, life and business do go on. It’s different from other scripts because it is combining the natural flow of video with sales and marketing strategies. Having a quality script can help a business nail their marketing video with ease. Have questions? We’d love to chat.

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