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How to Scrap Your Car in Singapore?

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In Singapore, you can scrap your car by yourself or appoint a scrap yard in Singapore to do it for you.

Deregister Your Car by Scrapping or Exporting

The registration of your vehicle can be canceled. Once it has been deregistered, your vehicle can no longer be used or kept in the country. You can dispose of your vehicle by scrapping it or storing it in an export processing zone.

Car owners who want to get rid of their old vehicles in Singapore will have a responsibility to either deregister them or sell them. There are two ways that people can dispose of their cars in the country:

  1. Either they can export it to get more money,
  2. Or they can sell it to a scrap yard.

You have to get rid of your vehicle either by scrapping it, exporting it, or storing it in an EPZ while waiting for export. After you have disposed of your vehicle, you can get a rebate from the PARF/COE program depending on its age and type. If you fail to provide the necessary documents to the LTA on time, it is an offense.

A step-by-step guide to scrap your car in Singapore

1. Deregistration of your car

If you’re planning on scrapping your car, then you need to deregister it. Doing so will allow you to surrender ownership of the vehicle to a scrap yard or disposal center. Failing to do so could result in either a fine or imprisonment.

You can do this process by deregistering your vehicle online through the OneMotoring website of the Land Transportation Authority. However, before you can do this, you must first clear any outstanding payments like car loans and road taxes.

2. Get back your remaining COE and PARF

After you have officially deregistered your vehicle, you can start applying to the Land Use Authority (LTA) to encash your Preferential Registration Fee (PARF) or Certificate of Entitlement (COE) rebates.

The LTA will review your application within 12 months from the date of your vehicle’s registration. The PARF rebate will only be given if your car is less than ten years old. On the other hand, the COE rebate will increase if the duration of your COE remains longer. You can find the COE and PARF rebate forms on OneMotoring’s website.

For car owners with Singpass, you can log in and follow the instructions. Then, your rebate will be issued by LTA in about two to four weeks. You can also make an appointment to submit the application form at the company’s Customer Service Centre.

For car owners who are not eligible for Singpass, you can write in via LTA Feedback Form to make an appointment to deregister your vehicle at LTA Customer Service Centre.

3. Valuation of your car

To start your car valuation, you can find a Singapore scrap yard that is LTA-approved. Schedule an appointment with them to get an evaluation of your car. The value of your car depends on its body and model, as well as the demand and supply of its secondhand parts. Some scrap yards can provide the valuation via a phone call. However, it is better to drop by personally to get an exact valuation.

Before visiting the scrap yard, remember to bring your NRIC and deregistration document from LTA. Naturally, you also need to clear all of your vehicle outstanding payments.

4. Inform LTA

Lastly, inform LTA that your car has been scrapped/exported by submitting the proof to them. You must provide proof that your vehicle has been exported, scrapped, or stored in an EPZ within a month of deregistering it.

If you fail to do so, you could be fined up to SGD 2k or imprisoned for up to three months. If convicted more than once, you could face up to six months in prison or be fined up to SGD 5k.

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