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How to save money on international removals

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Everyone that is moving wants to know how to save money on International removals. Well advance moves has the answer. The team at advance moves international removals has a unique online quote system that can give you up to 5 quotes for your international removal by just entering some basic info about your move. The entire process is quick and easy, and takes just 30 seconds. Give it a go on the link below.

How to save money on international removals

The easiest way on how to save money on international removals is to use the advance moves quick quote system to get up to 5 independent quotes from professional removal companies that can undertake your removal. Then choose the mover that is right for you with the most competitive quote for the best service. Remember to look carefully at what you are getting for your money. Some removal quotes may be more expensive than others but they may also include additional services or export wrapping, so the quality of the move is improved.

Saving money on international removals

The best way on how to save money on international removals is to seriously look at what you intend to take. Nearly all international removal quotes are based on volume. So the less you take the cheaper your move will be. The best thing to do is to justify each item. For example, taking your high value solid oak dining table is a good idea. its costly to replace and its strong and robust so it won’t break in transit. However your chipboard wardrobe from ikea is probably not worth taking, it’s cheap, takes up a lot of room, can easily be replaced at your destination with a new and similar product and chipboard does not travel well.

Reducing volume on international removals

Do all you can to pack as small as possible, If something dismantles then take it apart and flat pack it. Box what you can and use clothes, cushions and linen as packing materials in boxes so you don’t need to use additional packing materials like paper and bubble wrap. This all saves on space and packing material costs. Also the more square you can make an item the better. then it packs into a smaller space.  Tricky items like bicycles are awkward shapes so remove pedals (you can actually remount them inwards) and loosen and twist handle bars to make the bicycle as flat as possible.

How to Measure your volume for your international removal

Stack your items into a square, or several blocks, and measure them. This way you can provide your mover with an exact volume for an international removal quote. make the stack as square as possible and measure length, width and height in metres. Then multiply length by width by height to get the cubic meterage. This is the measurement that your removal company needs to give you a quotation. It’s a good idea to take photos of the stacks as well to send to your mover and to keep as proof of your volume in case there are any disputes about final volume. When you take the measurements be a little over stated on the measurements to allow for any awkward stacking. Remember that your mover is usually stacking items in a truck or container up to 2 to 3 metres high.

Check what is included in your international removal quote

Comparing several removal quotes carefully is how to save money on international removals. Check what is included and what volume the quote is based on. With international removals you should also check and budget for inspections, taxes, and import duties at your country of destination. Some quotes may include storage, customs clearance, delivery, unwrapping and unpacking. Check that you are getting the same service. A cheap quote maybe missing some key services that you will be charged for on top when you reach your destination.

Insurance on international removals

It’s a good idea to take out an insurance policy to cover your goods in transit for an international removal. most movers will provide an insurance policy. You can usually negotiate the rate this is charged at, or look online and find your own policy to cover your international removal. Reducing your insurance bill is a good way on how to save money on your international removal. Once again check what is covered, small print can be tricky and leave you exposed if a loss or damage occurs on your international removal.

Read up on your destination

Most reputable movers will be able to provide you with information on your country of destination to help you with your move. Information like this is another way on how to save money on an international removal. If you know all about what to do when you arrive and then live in your new country then you will save time and money on your international removal. Advance moves has a wealth of information on most the most popular international removal destinations. Info such as gaining residency, work, schools, healthcare, social life and customs, driving……..just about everything you need to know about moving to and then living in a new country. Check out the popular removals tab in the menu on the advance moves site.

Use advance moves for your international removal quote

By far the best way on how to save money on international removals is to visit the advance moves site. Read up on the country you are moving to, get all the info you need and then obtain a quick quote in 30 seconds and receive up to 5 quotes from international removal companies all trying to be as competitive as possible to win your removal.

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