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15 Essential Travel Tips for Big City Trips With Kids

Did you know 100 million Americans will go on a family vacation this year?

Are you about to travel with your kids for the first time but need some tips? Not to worry! In this guide, we’ll go over how to travel with kids.

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Travel with Kids: A Guide

As an independent, you can make your way through the airport and rush to your gate. You’ll want to research your location and plan some fun activities for your children. 

1. Research Your Destination

If you’re traveling to a new city with your kids, research the location. Check out online review sites where travelers shared about hotels and tourist spots.

Find out if there are decent children facilities, places to warm food at the hotel, and cots. Research close restaurants and shops near where you’re staying.

2. Organize Important Documents

Plan ahead of time to go over your passports. If you need to apply for a new one for your baby, try and get it done early. You don’t want to leave this to the last minute if you’re traveling out of the country.

Check to make sure your travel insurance includes your kids. If you plan to take a loan for this trip, apply ahead of time. Find out more information about a paperless application option.

3. Call Your Airline

Before flying, call your airline to go over what you’re allowed to take on your flight. Find out ahead of time if they charge extra for car seats or pushchairs.

Ask the customer service representative how many bags you can take. If you think you’ll exceed the limit, pick up a cheap luggage scale to weigh your bags beforehand. This will prevent an expensive bill at the check-in desk.

4. Expect Potential Accidents

Nobody wants to think of their kids getting sick while traveling. In case of an emergency, pack a first aid kit. Make sure you have usual medicines to remedy diarrhea or nausea.

Pack antiseptic creams and wipes for any cuts. If you have a teething baby, consider packing teething powders and gels. Don’t forget mosquito creams and sunscreen that are safe for young children.

5. Pack Favorite Toys

Ask your kids to select a few toys for the trip. Out of those toys, pick some of the smaller ones as they are easier to pack. Make up a travel kit of stickers, coloring books, and books to keep everyone entertained.

6. Pack an iPad

If you don’t have an iPad, pack another portable media device. On a plane, an episode from a favorite show will keep your child entertained. Don’t forget your charger and if you can, pack an extra.

7. Pack a Snack Bag

For a long flight or drive, consider packing a bag of treats for your kids. This saves money and is more nutritious than airport or convenience store food. If you use it, pack enough formula for the flight if you have a baby.

8. Preparing for Nap Time

If you’re out during the day, consider picking up a snooze shade that fits over a buggy or pram.

This can work if you’re exploring a city and can also work in the evening if you’re out for dinner. It can block the sun and also provide your child with a darker environment for a nap.

9. Start Your Vacation Simple

On arrival day, try and keep the itinerary slower paced. You may feel exhausted from the air or road travel. Consider taking your kids to a park near where you’re staying. They can play, and you can relax for a bit.

10. Keep Your Schedule Light

Try and limit to seeing one attraction each day. By keeping your days lighter, your kids won’t feel overstimulated. This will give you enough time to have a lunch break, bathroom breaks, and shop at local gift shops.

11. Go Early to Attractions

Try and avoid crowds by heading out in the morning. This gives you more options for your kids in the afternoon.

Have a picnic at a local park in the afternoon or check out a beach. This lets you get a chance to enjoy your coffee, and your kids can run around for a bit.

12. Take Breaks

You’ll notice some tourist spots become crowded and are tiring compared to others. Try and plan a break, so your kids don’t get too tired. Consider heading to your hotel for a nap or going to a relaxed outdoor venue.

13. Convenient Food Options

Depending on your day, you’ll want to think about where you’ll eat. For example, if you’re heading to a museum, you could pack a lunch or go to a local market for takeout.

You could also make a reservation at a restaurant ahead of time. Pack lots of toys to keep the kids entertained.

14. Tour the City

To experience a new city, consider walking around with your kids. If you have a stroller, make the most of it and walk as much as you can. You’ll discover many fantastic local restaurants, shops, and cafes this way.

Another way to tour the city is by taking a river cruise or tour bus. You won’t get too exhausted this way. Pack a map ahead of time if you take public transit.

15. Make a Scrapbook

When you get home, work with your kids to save the memories from the trip. Sit down with your kids and prepare a scrapbook with pictures and pamphlets from museums. This is a fun activity to do with your children.

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