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How to Leverage Geo-Conquesting in Your Local Business Advertising and Marketing Strategy

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For most small businesses, retargeting is an overlooked tactic. Retargeting draws customer attention almost 75 percent of the time.

Your business advertising needs to effectively redirect competitors’ customers to save your business. Geo-conquesting is your solution.

Learn more about how to save your business with this retargeting tactic using this guide.Geo-Conquesting GeoTargeting Retargeting Remarketing Mobile Advertising Marketing

What Is Geo-Conquesting?

Geo-conquesting uses location data to identify brand competition. This helps promote a competitive edge for offered goods or services to customers. It helps you conquer your competition and grow your business in the process.

Geo-conquesting boosts business advertising in two ways. Using geofencing and mobile location data, you, too, can geo-conquest the competition.

This form of retargeting is most often used to take away competitors’ business, redirecting it to yours instead. You can use geo-conquesting on your own business to boost brand loyalty and incentivize customers, too.


Geofencing engages customers directly near a competitor’s location. In business advertising, geofencing sends ads to customers to divert them from the competition. The goal is to turn potential customers into genuine leads through geotargeted, persuasive advertising.

Mobile Location Data

Geofencing works better for geo-conquesting because it directly targets the competitors’ locations. Mobile location targeting is effective because it uses visitation history. For real-time disruption of consumer behavior, use geofencing.

Mobile location data, also known as hypermobile marketing, only works well if used alongside geo-conquesting. Geofencing has its own limitations, too.

How to Use Geo-Conquesting to Boost Local Business Advertising

If you’re still wondering how geo-conquesting works for business advertising, it’s as easy as one, two, three. See the following steps.

  1. A satellite establishes a geofence around a targeted area.
  2. Cell towers triangulate location activity with mobile targeting data.
  3. Identities for each device are cached and prepped for advertising. This data transfers to computers, too.

These simples steps break down the basics of pivoting your marketing strategy to save your business. Building on these steps are a few reasons proving that geo-conquesting works.

Hypermobile Marketing

Geo-Conquesting GeoTargeting Retargeting Remarketing Mobile Advertising Marketing

Small business advertising benefits most when combining hypermobile marketing and geofencing. Hypermobile business advertising immediately displays ads in a targeted area.  Geo-conquesting builds on this by retargeting customers over the longterm with ad placement.

Geotargeting triggers hypermobile ads. Then, the displayed advertising shows your ads on any website they visit on their mobile devices. The downside is that this only works in a geotargeted area, limited by the geofence.

Geo-conquesting extends hypermobile marketing to where customers are. Instead of being limited by a geofence, you connect with consumers anywhere they approach competition. With your ads on their phone, directly connecting will be easier than ever.

Direct Connection

The best way to target your audience with geo-conquesting is through a direct connection. Instead of targeting a city, target the competition’s location(s). You need to target where your customers actually go for structured business advertising.

If you measure the success of your advertising with foot traffic, you need geo-conquesting. To get those prospective customers in the door, you have to redirect them first. The best way to do this is by targeting the competition.

When you retarget ads for your competitors’ customers, you meet them at their pain points. This is one of the biggest secrets to lead generation. If you want to destroy your competition, you need to take away their business.


Finding the perfect, relevant audience for business advertising is hard. You might think of your ideal customer easily enough. But considering their pain point(s) might be a challenge.

Depending on your industry, you need to target specific competition for effective geo-conquesting. For example, business advertising ideas for high-end restaurants should only target other high-end restaurants. When you use the right context for targeting, you directly connect with customers.

Outsmarting the competition with retargeting gives you the perfect moment. You can persuade potential customers to leave your competition if you show them relevant content.

Incentivize customers with discounts or offer codes for even more of an edge. For the most relevant content, target competitors’ venues, perfect audience hangouts, and specific neighborhoods, and nearby locations.


Geo-conquesting is simple enough to implement for small businesses. Of course, using expert marketing services are the best way to ensure you save your business. Picking the right location to target is simple enough.

If you want free local business advertising from geo-conquesting, you need an expert to set up the geofence perimeter. Specific targeting strategies and the technical expertise of a consultant take a lot of the complexity out of your hands.

Geo-Conquest Yourself

You might not consider using geo-conquesting on yourself. You would be surprised at its benefits for your business advertising. It offers several benefits.

One positive includes building brand loyalty with current customers through retargeting. You can promote a customer loyalty program, incentivizing new leads. You can even upsell new products to your loyal customers.

You also serve to stand out more in your customers’ minds, increasing your visibility. Prompting them to “come back soon” drives more business and revenue. Keep your customers informed with self-targeted geo-conquesting for more loyalty.

How to Save and Grow Your Business

If you want business advertising that works for today and tomorrow, you need a tool to help your geo-conquesting efforts. You need to find your perfect customer and destroy your competition in the process.

You can use geo-targeting to save your business during the global health crisis. But, you can also use it to grow your business for the future. If you have a brick and mortar store, you need a reliable resource.

To learn more about bringing back old customers, and stealing the competition’s customers, you need our real-world-tested Local Business Resurgence Initiative. Visit our site today for a Free download of this invaluable ebook to save your business today.

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