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Everything You Need To Take On A Mountain Biking Trip

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10% of the US population, or about 40 million people in the United States, participate in mountain biking each year. Mountain biking is a popular sport that provides many benefits including reduced stress, improved heart health, and more! As a beginner, it can be difficult to know what you need when you purchase a mountain bike or plan your first mountain biking trip. Do you want to learn more about how you can be completely prepared for your mountain biking trip? Keep reading this guide for the complete list of everything you need to take on your upcoming mountain biking trip!

Extra Tubes or Patches

Extra tubes and patches are one of the most important things you need to bring when you go on a mountain biking trip. This is especially important for long rides, as the rough terrain can easily lead to one or two flat tires. If you don’t have an extra tube or patch, your ride will be cut short and it may be difficult to get your bike off the trail. Patch kits are a great alternative if you don’t want to pack extra tubes. They don’t take up much room and can be applied quickly. Still, a new tube may last longer than a quick patch job, so you may want to include both when you pack for your trip.

Tire Pump

If you deal with a flat tire, you won’t be able to reinflate your tire without a tire pump. A mini pump is something that fits easily in your pack and can be used to help out other bikers on the trail as well. Without a tire pump, you won’t be able to get your tire reinflated after patching it or replacing the tool. This should be at the top of your list when you are preparing for a mountain biking trip.


A multi-tool is another mountain biking essential that you should never leave without. A cycling multi-tool will help you be prepared for anything that happens on your ride and will help you make adjustments to your bike if necessary. Having the right tools to repair your bike will keep you moving and allow you to get back on the trail as quickly as possible. Multi-tools include several sizes of wrenches and can include other essential tools, like a chain breaker, pliers, and even wire cutters. Having this type of multi-tool will help you save space in your toolkit but will still provide you with all the tools you need for quick repairs off the trail.

Chain Lube

Chain lube is another important thing to bring on your mountain biking trip, especially if you are expecting to encounter rain, stream crossings, or even dusty trail conditions! Your bike needs chain lubricant to prevent unnecessary rust and wear and to keep your drivetrain working in perfect condition. Without this bike lube, your bike will not shift smoothly and it may even snap over time! You should lubricate your bike’s chain at least once a month and before every ride. You also need to add more chain lube if your bike is extra dirty after riding for the day.


Having a headlight is necessary when you are going on overnight or long mountain bike rides. If there is ever a chance that you will be out after the sun sets, having a small and bright headlight can provide you with peace of mind and additional protection. Not only will it help you see the path you are riding in the dark, but it will also help you stay more visible to traffic while you are on the trail. With a headlight for your mountain bike, you will not be restricted to riding at certain times of the day. Make sure you choose a headlight that has the right light output for your needs.


To store all of your bike repair tools, clothes, and other items that you are packing for your mountain biking trip, you must bring a backpack. The size of the backpack you need will depend on the length of your trip. You should choose a pack that is large enough to hold all of your mountain bike trip necessities, but not one that is too big. Otherwise, you may feel like your backpack is weighing you down on your bike ride. Make sure there is plenty of storage for your hydration packs, food, tools, and more.

First-Aid Kit

Mountain biking can be quite dangerous and can result in many injuries. Because of this, you should never go on a ride without bringing a first-aid kit. While you may want to save space in your pack, you can find many small first-aid kits that will protect you in an emergency. Your first aid kit should be stored in waterproof packaging, just in case it takes a tumble into a stream or another water source. They should also include bandages, disinfecting wipes, tweezers, gauze, and more.

Personal Protection

When you are on a mountain biking trip, one wrong move can leave you seriously injured. Because of this, you must never forget to pack personal protection equipment for your mountain biking trips. First and foremost, you need to bring a high-quality helmet. Without one, you can easily get a concussion or a more serious injury when you inevitably take a spill. Your helmet will take most of the impact after a crash and will protect you on a long ride. You also should pack things like sunscreen, chapstick, and glasses for a long mountain biking trip. Even on cloudy days, you can find that you get sunburned and your lips get chapped. Each of these items will protect you from the elements! Lastly, you may want to bring a bike lock if you are mountain biking near others and you are worried about your bike getting stolen when you camp for the night. If you keep your bikes in a car rack, a good cable lock would be a smart investment. Each of these items is essential for biking safety and will protect you on the trail.

Extra Clothing

Extra clothing is a must when you are on a mountain biking trip. You never know what kind of weather you will run into, so having extra clothes will protect you from any of the elements. First, you may want to consider adding a packable rain jacket. This will keep you dry and warm in the event of a rainstorm and will keep you more comfortable during your rides! You should also include extras for your regular biking clothes. These include extra shirts, padded shorts, extra socks, and even an extra pair of cycling shoes. These extra clothes will protect you in any type of weather and will help you be prepared for the changing climates on your upcoming trip.

Necessary Nourishment

When you are going on an overnight or several-day mountain biking trip, you will need to pack food and water to have your necessary nourishment. This will help you be prepared physically for your ride and will prevent unnecessary hunger or dehydration. First, you should bring plenty of extra water for your ride. Mountain biking is a great form of exercise, but it can quickly lead to dehydration, especially in the sun. Having several extra hydration packs will keep you hydrated throughout your trip! You may also want to bring a water purifier, just in case you run out of clean water. You should also bring plenty of food and energy gels to help keep you fueled for your long bike ride!

Your Phone

Finally, you must bring your phone with you on every mountain biking trip, even if you are going with plenty of other people. A phone may be necessary in the event of an emergency and can even save someone’s life if they get into a serious accident. If you get lost on the trails, your phones can also provide you with a GPS and an easy way for emergency services to locate you. If you will be riding out of service, you may also want to consider carrying another type of GPS or beacon that will make it easier to locate your group in an emergency. Planning a Mountain Biking Trip? If you are planning a mountain biking trip, it is important that you include each of these items on your checklist! This way, you will be able to handle any repairs or issues that come your way during your ride! If you need help preparing for your mountain biking trip, Ride88 can help get you there! We make bike racks for truck beds that make it easy to protect and transport your new mountain bike or any other bike you may have. Shop our racks today to start preparing for your mountain biking trip and for other tips to follow when you buy a mountain bike.

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