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How to Grow Your Brand’s Online Presence

When it comes to your branding, second-rate will not do. You’ll only hurt your business and lose sales by failing to grow your online presence.

Driving traffic and new audiences to your brand is talked about a lot, but often with a mix of half-truths and unnecessary jargon.

Read on for a simple guide to growing your brand’s online presence.

What We Mean By Online Presence

A strong online presence is essential for any brand looking to make an impact in the world of online marketing. 

Your online presence is everywhere. Social media, email subscriber lists, your homepage, your blog, and your Google snippets are all a part of your digital footprint. It’s what your customers engage with whenever they search for products and services—and if you’re doing things right, it’s what they engage with even when they aren’t actively looking.

Businesses with a well-curated, on-brand digital presence stand out from the competition, draw larger audiences to their sales funnels, and convert more customers.

Growing Your Brand’s Online Presence

Growing your brand’s visibility online consists of only a handful of core components:

  • Analyze the competition
  • Know who you’re targeting
  • Target them on social media
  • Entice them to visit your website
  • Keep them coming back

Identify Your Target Audience

As much as you’d like to, you can’t target everybody.

Knowing who you’re targeting is half the game—it offers hints on how to target them best and what sort of content to make to grab their attention.

Learn who your target audience is by first looking at your existing customer base. Analyze trends in the industry and employ Google Analytics to gain more insight. Surveys and insights from social media are both further options for knowing who to target.

Be Active on Social Media

Social media lets you engage with your customers on a personal level—and they expect engagement if you’re going to hold their attention. Effective social media management means taking a holistic approach to the various platforms on offer—blog posts, infographics, videos, and galleries are all easy-to-consume forms of content that draw in new audiences.

Staying active is the second ingredient. Ensure your business replies to comments and responds to messages in a timely manner.

Create Engaging Content for Your Website

Content on your own homepage should be some of your best.

When creating it, focus on content that is helpful and engaging for your audience. Nobody wants to trawl through walls of text to find a single data point.

Instead, make use of eye-catching visuals, videos, and graphics to make your content appealing. Break long-form posts down into easily browsed segments.

Hack Your SEO

SEO is thrown around a lot—but all that really matters when it comes to SEO is getting noticed by the major search engines.

Learn how to master long and short-tail keywords, optimize your website for web crawlers, and improve your domain authority to attract the attention of Google (and Bing) and rank in searches.

Need more SEO tips? Check out these SEO services for a great introduction to all things SEO.

Stay Competitive

How do you stay competitive in an ever-changing industry?

Innovation and new product launches are one side of the story. The other is knowing how to analyze and learn from your competitors.

You’ll find many of them doing new and exciting things—tutorials, product reviews, case studies, and even interviews with industry thought leaders are all means of getting ahead.

Build Your Brand

In the digital world, your online presence and your brand are one and the same. Plant the seeds of growth today—and you will reap the benefits tomorrow.

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