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7 Reasons Why You Need a Content Marketing Calendar

Content marketing is all about visibility and building connections.

To find your customers you need to show up in their social media feeds regularly with quality content. Do this consistently and you build trust that moves them from casual browsers to paying customers.

Yet it’s easy for content marketing to slip to the bottom of the To-Do list. By using a content marketing calendar, you will breathe new life into your content marketing strategy. Here’s how:

1. Consistency Is Key

Readers respond to regular posting, which is why some people hire content marketing companies. When your posts appear often, they are more likely to comment, like, or share. Engagement boosts the algorithm, which means your posts will be seen by a wider audience.

A content calendar is one of the best content marketing tools that will help you plan your content ahead of time. This enables consistent posting even on your busiest days.

2. Deliver Quality Content

Avoid the last-minute scramble. Planning ahead gives you time to think through the purpose of what you’re communicating, and weigh up each post in the light of this. You’ll soon see which posts need a little extra info or a better image.

3. Move Away From Moods

The person responsible for the marketing posts is human and susceptible to down days. Moods can affect what a marketer writes, which in turn, will affect your readers. Rather than be subjective, a content marketing calendar allows you to maintain our company ethos across all your posts. 

4. Content Marketing Calendar = Big Picture Planning

Once you start planning ahead, you think differently about your overall content marketing strategy. Posting on the fly usually means scrolling the internet for generic quotes or pictures and spamming the same message across all platforms.

Big picture planning allows you to troubleshoot and prevent issues before they cause bigger problems, similar to a reliability-centered maintenance program. Learn more about reliability centered maintenance here.

When you take time to plan it all out, you get to understand what the goal is for your content and how to weave all the posts together toward a single goal.

5. Boost Brand Awareness

Regular online updates will boost your brand image. Create content that fits your audience profile, is helpful, and memorable. Customers will associate your content with your products.

6. Get Organized, Save Time

Getting a few month’s worth of content planned on a calendar will put you ahead of schedule. Instead of last-minute panic and a scrambling rush, why not map it all out and watch it roll out at the perfect time?

7. Make the Most of Special Days

With all the big holidays, special events, and some obscure ones thrown in for fun, marketers can take advantage of them with tailored content. Special days are opportunities for linking your product to the celebration. Linked to a giveaway, celebrations  are great opportunities for extra reader engagement with your posts.

Breathe Life Into Your Marketing

A content marketing calendar can take the stress out of social media marketing for you and give your readers regular, quality, content.

If you’re looking for more great info to fine-tune your content marketing plan, check out our Content Strategy section.

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