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Health Effects of Vaping

Over the past few years, vaping has taken over the industry. While many argue its trend status can be dangerous, it’s a great option for smokers who are quitting cigarettes.

What are the health effects of vaping? It’s obviously healthier for you than smoking, which is why many people have switched from smoking to vaping. In addition, vaping comes with additional effects that are more beneficial than we think.

Vaping isn’t completely healthy for you and smoking is a major cause of preventable deaths. However, quitting smoking isn’t exactly easy. This is why switching to vaping is ideal for those who are quitting smoking.

Here are common health effects of vaping and some arguments in favor of vaping.

Why It’s Safer Than Cigarettes

Yes, we have all heard vaping is safer than smoking cigarettes. But why is that so? E-liquids contain fewer chemicals than cigarettes.

Since the liquid is heated to a vapor, users won’t have tar in the lungs. This not only results in easier breathing but can also lower blood pressure, improved sense of taste and smell, improved immune function, and more.

Second-Hand Smoke Isn’t as Dangerous

There are many vape benefits and disadvantages. But many people forget one major factor in the argument of vape health benefits: second-hand smoke.

Even if your loved ones don’t smoke cigarettes, your habit could hurt them. Second-hand smoke causes a myriad of problems, specifically in infants and children. While second-hand vape isn’t completely harmless, it’s less dangerous than smoke.

Why is that? Vapor evaporates quickly.

Even when smoke is gone, it may still cling onto clothing and furniture (called third-hand smoke) for a long time. While you should still avoid vaping around others – especially children and pregnant women — vapor reduces many of the risks of second and third-hand smoke.

They’re Effective at Helping You Quit Cigarettes

There’s a reason why we recommend smokers quit their habit by switching to vape. Vaping is a great way to quit smoking cigarettes. This study confirms that smokers who vape are more than likely to quit smoking cigarettes.

Why is that? First, many e-liquids contain nicotine and you have a variety of nicotine levels to choose from. By vaping, you’re imitating the behavior of smoking. Many users say they find the behavior of smoking relaxing (you can also use these tips to decrease your stress while vaping even more).

Like smoking, vaping is a social activity. If your friends are smoking, you can simply take out your vape and still get the same fix. This is one of the many social benefits of vaping.

You Can Cut Down Over Time

As mentioned in the previous section, e-liquid is available with multiple nicotine levels (and there are even no nicotine options).

This makes it easy to ween yourself off of your nicotine addiction. If you love the behavior of smoking, you can easily choose a no nicotine e-liquid to continue vaping without the addiction.

The Health Effects of Vaping: It’s Not as Bad as You Think!

There are many health effects of vaping, both good and bad. While vaping isn’t amazing for your health, it’s a healthier alternative to cigarettes for a variety of reasons.

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