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How to Get the Best Medicare Supplement Leads

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There are lots of ways brokers like yourself have gotten Medicare leads in the past. You’ve probably used some of them—telemarketers, postcards in the mail, print advertisements, and so on.


Those ways are outdated and inefficient in today’s digital world, where even those 65 and older rely on the internet as a vital source of information for decision-making. If you aren’t using digital methods to find, inform and convert clients, you’re putting your advertising dollars in the wrong place.


Digital marketing offers the best way to pull in qualified Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug plan leads without wasting time, effort and money. As you know, not all leads are equal.

Why Turn to Digital Marketing for Medicare Supplement Leads?


We can talk about the benefits of digital marketing all day at Zeller Media, but let’s get right to the point. There are three big reasons why digital marketing should be your go-to strategy to get Medicare leads:


  1. Get more clients. Not just more clients, but more qualified clients, thanks to our nuanced lead generation strategies and paid search expertise.
  2. Get more referrals. More happy clients means more word-of-mouth referrals, so you can expect more phone calls and visitors to your website.
  3. Get more residuals. By converting qualified customers and getting them the plan they need, you can expect residual income for years.

Getting High-Quality, Low-Cost Medicare Leads


Years of experience across many industries have helped Zeller Media hone our digital marketing tactics and strategies.


Here’s how it works:


Americans are turning 65 every day, and many are retiring at closer to 70. These seniors go looking for a Medicare supplemental plan.

  • Seniors go to sites like Google or Bing to look for a broker and a plan. Based on search data, we target the terms likely to bring in the best-quality leads.
  • Seniors also spend a lot of time on social media websites and apps like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn and more while browsing through photos of their family and sharing memories. With hyper-focused targeting, Zeller Media is able to target Americans who are 64.5 and have recently been looking for Medicare information.


The seniors see your ad with personalized messaging related to their search term, and go to your site to learn what you have to offer. They fill out a contact form on your site or give you a call to purchase a policy.


Your customers aren’t afraid of the internet, so you can’t be, either. Let us bring them to you, and then you can close the deal. These are qualified, high-intent Medicare supplement leads. Doesn’t it sound easier than cold calling or mailers?

What We Offer Our Clients


We will build your brand online to acquire unique Medicare Advantage leads from digital advertising. You don’t worry about a thing—our team can build your website, manage your media, and automate communication with prospective clients.


Here are some more details about what we can offer you:


  • Paid search and paid social management. We’ll set up, manage and monitor your ad accounts. A real person will check it regularly to make sure your ads are performing at their best.
  • Lead tracking and scoring. We’ll track all phone calls and form fill conversions, marking the most-qualified leads.
  • Reporting dashboard. Get a custom online interface where you can see lead data in real-time.
  • Custom landing pages. Landing pages are a key part of the conversion-focused funnel.
  • CRM management. You’ll get a CRM system to manage existing and new leads, synced and capable of sending automated communication to prospective customers.


We harness technology to drive better results without losing the human touch. Maximizing ad performance is a mix of real-time adjustments made by a real person and harnessing the power of AI to save time and automate where possible.


Zeller Media uses paid search tools like Optmyzr and iSpionage to find positive and negative keywords, pause under-performing terms, optimize ad copy, gain intelligence on what competitors are doing, and more. We use other tools to keep your traffic safe from bots and prevent click fraud.


Who We Are


Zeller Media is a proven history of getting high-quality Medicare supplement leads for our clients using our effective paid search strategies. Our team has a combined 50 years of experience in digital marketing, with a focus on direct response marketing. We have worked with individual agents, small insurance broker agencies, insurance company agents and more.


What does this all mean for you? Better leads, high ROI, and an impressive close rate. Quite simply, we’re very good at paid search, and it should be the first place you put your advertising money.


Don’t waste time on cold calls, and don’t sacrifice lead quality again. Talk to us about getting more Medicare leads today.

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