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How To Get Curly Hair For Black Men

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I am forever struggling with keeping my hair looking neat with my curly afro. Do you have this same problem? Ultimately, I settle for military-style haircuts or high-taper fades. It’s frustrating dealing with what I thought was “bad” hair.

However, I was wrong. You can learn how to make black male hair curly with some simple tricks and products. So, stop cutting your hair short and take a look at these tips for how to get curly hair for black males.

Find A Great Barber

Before we get into any black male curly hair tips, I want to express the importance of finding a great barber. They’ll not only give you an excellent cut and style, but they’ll also hook you up with the best tools and products for your curly hair.

If you’re not sure where to go, get a recommendation from a friend or family member you trust. That way, you know you’re heading to a great spot.

In the meantime, I’m going to talk to you about a variety of methods, products, and tools that will help you learn about how to make black male hair curly.

Your Hair Must Dry Naturally

Before diving into the different styling products and techniques, I want to discuss drying methods. One of the biggest mistakes I see my friends making is using too much heat or the wrong styler on their curly hair.

What’s the solution? It may sound straightforward, but you must let your hair dry naturally. If you can’t, then use a diffuser. Otherwise, you’re going to break down the integrity and aesthetics of your curls.

Throughout the years, I’ve experimented with a variety of tools and found that these work the best:

Twist It Comb

In less than a minute, you can twist your hair using this tool. It doesn’t require any heat, doesn’t cause drying, and won’t break your hair. Its small size means you can bring this comb with you anywhere. Plus, it’s durable construction makes it easy to clean and long-lasting.

BEWAVE Hair Care Tool

When you’re trying to achieve curls that look defined, using this sponge is the quickest way of achieving that goal. As soon as you pick this sponge up, you’ll see small holes that help you get that twisted and curly hair look. The best way for attaining those curls is by rubbing the sponge on your hair for between one and five minutes in a circular motion.

This sponge works best for men with shorter hair. Plus, if the sponge you pick has smaller holes, you’ll create smaller and tighter curls. Conversely, if you choose one with bigger holes, that one works best for men with long hair and who want fuller curls.

Revlon 1875W Natural Texture Diffuser Hair Dryer

Do you have loosely curled hair? If so, then using a diffuser is your best choice. It helps increase curl while minimizing frizz. How? Instead of concentrating heat in one area, like a traditional blow dryer, a diffuser evenly distributes heat all over your hair.

When using this tool, keep scrunching your hair the entire time. That way, you’re achieving the look you desire at the end. That also prevents your hair from blowing out of control. Using this tool also helps your hair become voluminous and shiny.

Wet Brush Original Hair Brush Detangler Bombshell

I know you’re tempted to pick up a comb, but this is a mistake. If you have combs, get rid of them. Now. Using them causes disruptions in your natural curls. Instead, I achieve the best results using a detangling brush.

When you’re washing and conditioning your hair, try to get rid of as many knots as you can during that process. Then, finish the job using the brush. I’ll get into which products I use for washing and conditioning in a minute. Yes, that makes a difference for a curly hair black male.

Pick Your Shampooing And Conditioning Products

Now that we have some ideas regarding what tools we should use, let’s dive into picking out products. You already use shampoo, but are you sure you’re using the right kind? And, are you using a conditioner? Do you know if you should get one to leave in or rinse out? What are you using for hair gel? Let’s talk about all of these things and more!

Moisturizing Shampoo

Many shampoos dry hair. If you use a moisturizing formula, though, that doesn’t happen. These brands add a fine layer of ingredients that prevent hair from drying out. You’ll see the words “hydrating” or “moisturizing” or something similar on the label.

You can use these shampoos daily or every other day. However, I don’t recommend using them that often. You can retain optimal moisture shampooing less often, like between once per week and every two days.

Clarifying Shampoo

Sometimes, even though we’re practicing excellent grooming habits, our curly hair needs a deep cleaning. That’s where clarifying shampoo comes into play. I love this stuff because its deep cleansing action removes everything and helps me start from scratch.

I use clarifying shampoo once a month. That way, I’m restoring my hair’s natural ability to create its oils, like sebum, for example. Your hair secretes sebum daily from your skin and onto its follicles, and, as it coats, your hair looks healthier, shinier, and thicker.

Rinse-Out Conditioner

Like I mentioned earlier, using a rinse-out conditioner is an excellent way of working out tangles while you’re washing your hair. That way, you don’t have to worry about ruining the integrity of your curls with your detangling brush afterward.

This product is easy to use and doesn’t require a lot. Put a small amount in the palm of your hand, work it in, and add it to your hair. Wait approximately two minutes for it to set, and then rinse it out. Don’t skip this step when shampooing. Otherwise, you might experience a reduction in shine and an increase in frizz.

Deep Conditioning Products

Sometimes we need a little extra help regarding conditioning because our hair feels too dry. That’s where rinse-out deep conditioners are the most helpful. Your curls receive a lot of benefits from deep conditioning because, like using a clarifying shampoo, these products give them extra moisturizing every month.

The best way to use these products is by leaving them on longer. That’s right; when you apply a deep conditioner, you must let it sit for at least fifteen minutes to achieve the best results. Sometimes I leave mine in for up to thirty. It’s a good idea to use these products at least once a month.

Leave-In Conditioning Products

You’ll find many of the same conditioning properties with a leave-in conditioner as with those you rinse-out. However, you’ll be leaving this product in your hair. I love using these because they leave my hair feeling and looking great.

The only downside I’ve experienced, though, is that I can’t use styling products with “hold.” So, if I want to achieve a casual look, like a curly afro men’s hairstyle, for example, this is the product I’ll use. It works well for a “shaggy” look, as well.

Hair Masques

Just like a deep conditioning product, you’ll be leaving a hair masque on your curls for several minutes to improve its aesthetics. Masques are formulated to help seal in moisture, and their benefits last for several weeks. I love these products because, if your hair experiences any damage, it’s a quick fix.

The only downside I found so far is that you have to use this product sparingly. Otherwise, you’ll wind up with too much residue on your scalp. I achieve the best results using a hair masque once a month. If my hair feels too dry, then I’ll increase usage to every two weeks. More than that, though, will result in that gross build-up.

Let’s Talk About Stying Products

Once you have your tools, as well as your shampooing and conditioning products in check, it’s time to get down to business with keeping those curls in style. A wide variety of products are available depending on the look you want to achieve. Here’s a breakdown:

Ligh-Hold Hair Gel

Do you want to attain loosely-styled curls in those shake-and-go styles? Using light-hold hair gel will give you minimal strength, which is why it has that name. Using this product with long and curly hair or for men with coiling curl is excellent.

If I want to achieve that “wet look,” I’ll use light-hold hair gel and a couple of dabs of olive oil. Then, I’ll finish off this look with a couple of spritzes of hair spray to lock in the style. I don’t use a hairdryer or diffuser. Instead, I let it dry naturally.

Firm Or Medium Hold Hair Gel

Are you trying to slick back your curls, part it in the middle, or sweep it to one side? If so, use a firm to medium-hold hair gel on your hair. This hair gel is also optimal for if you want your curls to look like they’re standing up, tousled, or flattened.

If you have coiled or wavy-curly hair, this is the best type of gel to use. If your hair is short, you’ll achieve the best results. For example, this product works best for men with hair that’s two to six inches long.

Hair Styling Clay

The first thing I’m going to explain is no man should be using hair styling wax on their curly hair. Why? It leaves behind too much residue, and it’s tough to remove from your scalp. Plus, your curls may chaff off. That’s why I recommend using hair styling clay instead.

Don’t mistake hair styling clay with wax. It’s a matte form of hair wax that works for your hair-styling needs, and it won’t cause build-up. Hairstyling clays have a low-to-firm hold, which helps make your curls bouncy and voluminous.

Water-Soluble Pomades

Do you have memories of your grandfather combing through his curly hair using an oil-based pomade? I love those memories, but I don’t like the idea of using a product that greasy. The main reason is the oil makes your hair lose its natural luster and shape. Instead, you wind up with one giant curl on top of your head.

Thankfully, old-school products are gone, and now we can find water-based pomades on the market. Make sure you’re choosing a light-hold water-based pomade. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a tangled mess. Using these products will help you achieve a sleek and shiny look while enhancing the look of your curls.

If you’re not sure about how to use water-based pomades, I can’t emphasize enough about the importance of experimenting and figuring out the best method for your curls. That way, you’re not spending all night washing too much product out of your hair.

Styling Creams

If you have coiled hair, kinky curls, or waves, combining styling cream and leave-in conditioners will give you the best results. You’ll find this is especially true when your hair length is medium to long. Those who have longer hair love using styling creams so much that they keep using them on their curly hair, and consider it a miracle.

The first thing you should understand, though, is that styling creams don’t have any holding strength. So, they work best if you want to put your curls up in a man bun, or other loosely styled hairstyles. I love these creams because they keep my hair in-check and healthy when I’m trying to keep my curls looking their best.

Hair Mousse

For decades, women with curly hair have been using styling mousse to keep their styles looking great. So, it makes sense that this styling staple would make its way to men’s hairstyles. Men with curly hair benefit from using these hair products significantly.

No matter if you have kinks, waves, or coils, hair styling mousse will enhance your hair’s curliness. What that means is, when you use this hair styling product, your hair will look curlier in a positive way. So, if you’re proud of showing off your curls, this is the product for you.

One thing to remember when using hair styling mousse is that you must use it on damp hair. In previous years, it used to leave hair feeling hard like cardboard. Now, hair of all lengths can achieve soft and voluminous curls using this product.

Hair Sprays For Curly Hair

When you’re styling curly hair, you can use hair sprays in a variety of ways. That’s one of the main reasons why I love this product—because of its versatility. However, it’s primary purpose is to keep a curly style in place.

Even when you’re active, if you choose a high-quality hair spray, it should stay in place. Years ago, hair spray left your hair feeling like cardboard. Now, you can achieve a great look that’s flexible and lasts all day.

The last thing I want to do is wind up with a sticky mess when I’m styling my hair. So, make sure you’re not going overboard when spraying. Not only will you have a tough time washing the spray out, but the residue will show on your curls.

What About Butters And Natural Oils?

We’ve talked about conditioners, but I didn’t go over natural oils and butter. You may have heard one of your relatives talking about using natural products for taking care of their curly hair. If so, what they mean is they’re using plant-based products.

Caring for your curly hair using butter and natural oils means you’ll be conditioning and moisturizing. These products seal the external structure of your hair’s strands, the cortex, by evening ou the scales lying cross the shafts of the hair. In doing so, you’ll see accentuation in your curls as moisture is sealing and retention occurs.

Butters and natural oils also help stave off frizz while retaining the natural shape of your curls. Here’s a list of the most beneficial butter and natural oils for men with curly hair:

  • Argan oil
  • Avocado oil or butter
  • Coconut butter
  • Extra-virgin olive oil
  • Shea butter

One thing to remember about butter and natural oils is that they have no holding strength. So, they’re optimal for men who have medium to long hair. You’ll also receive the best results if you’re trying to achieve a casual, free moving hairstyle.

I love using butter and natural oils because these products add natural shine to my curly hair. Plus, when I’m using these products, they amplify the look of the hairstyle I’m trying to achieve. If you prefer using all-natural plant-based products for bringing hydration back to your hair, this is the way to go.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, there’s a lot involved when you’re looking for black male curly hair tips. Don’t worry, though; you have this under control—your hair and your choices. All you have to do is give a little thought about the look you want to achieve and go from there!

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