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The Secret to the Mandy Moore Glow

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Superstar singer and actress Mandy Moore who is loved for her many talents in music and her acting in movies, as well as her current hit TV show, This Is Us, is all about a good beauty regimen. She is conscientious of her health, and uses the latest successful treatments to look and feel great.

Mandy has always shown her fans that she loves to take good care of her skin, and part of the secret to her glow is doing cryotherapy.

In the recent years more and more celebrities swear by cryotherapy.

Mandy is an advocate of cryotherapy and even invited her friend Minka Kelly for a day at the cryotherapy spa treatment center. Together, the two took turns experiencing the freezing temperature for 3 minutes. Knowing the cold can tighten the skin and offer a resiliency and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, the ladies were happy to take their turn. [1]



While performing can certainly take its toll on an actress, not only is cryotherapy a great way to rejuvenate the body and mind, sometimes it’s also about the great superficial effects that draw the stars to cryotherapy. When stepping out of the whole body cryotherapy chamber and warming back up with some tea and exercise, the body begins it’s flood of good things to the body. Blood rushes nutrients and collagen to the muscles and the skin, making for a healthy boost on a weary body. The cold has tightened the skin and reduces blemishes and lines, while exfoliating for a healthy look. The rush of healthy enzymes and endorphins boosts the mood and makes for a post-cryotherapy mental well being that is said to last for days. This works great when it’s time for an awards ceremony and Mandy needs to hit the red carpet with a glow!

Cryotherapy is also known for its athletic workout recovery benefits, and many star athletes use it daily to help them train harder and perform better, with less pain and inflammation from intense workouts or from injury. Whether a celebrity is performing on stage or on screen, the benefits of cryotherapy can provide them with a healthy way to look good and feel at their peak. Mandy Moore and Minka Kelly know that cryotherapy of the body and face can give them the refreshed look and feel they need to celebrate their success!

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