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How to Find a Workers’ Comp Doctor in Brooklyn

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If you have a work-related injury, you might think you have to go to the doctor of your employer’s choosing. However, in New York, you can typically pick your healthcare provider, as long as he or she is an authorized New York State Workers’ Compensation Board provider. However, don’t just randomly select any NYS WCB authorized doctor.

Follow some tips, so you choose a top workers’ comp doctor in Brooklyn.

Consider the Number of Workers’ Compensation Cases the Provider Has Handled

Workers’ compensation cases are complicated. The physician doesn’t just diagnose and treat your condition. A workers’ compensation doctor also must set work restrictions, determine the level of permanent disability, and provide evidence for your case.

If a single step is missed, your claim could get denied, and you might have to return to work too soon. That’s why experience is so relevant when choosing a workers’ comp doctor in Brooklyn. Select a provider who has treated numerous cases so you will benefit from the experience. Then, you won’t have to stress out about your provider handling your case.

Select a Multi-Specialty Medical Practice

A workers’ comp doctor is also responsible for referring you to specialists if needed. If you choose a doctor who is part of multi-specialty medical practice, the referrals will be for providers who are in the same location.

That means you won’t be stuck driving around Brooklyn from one appointment to the next. You can get the care you need at a single office, which will take the stress off your shoulders.

Choose a Location With Diagnostic Testing On-site

Just as it’s important to choose a multi-specialty practice, you need to select a Brooklyn workers’ comp doctor that offers diagnostic testing at the practice. Some providers will send you to outside facilities to get MRIs, X-rays, and other tests. There are two problems with this. First, of course, you’ll waste precious time traveling around Brooklyn. Second, it delays the diagnostic and treatment processes. When the provider can diagnose your injury on-site, you can start treatment much faster. That means you’ll be that much closer to recovering from your injury.

Consider How Fast You Can Get an Appointment

Work-related injuries can be quite serious. You can’t afford to wait for weeks to get an appointment with a workers’ comp doctor in Brooklyn. However, some offices will expect you to do just that. Fortunately, you can find a provider who can get you in quickly so you can start your treatment immediately. Once your doctor assesses your work-related injuries, you can begin treatment and move closer to recovery.

Find the Best Brooklyn Workers’ Comp Doctor Near You

If you follow these tips, you will find a top workers’ comp doctor to treat your injuries. Your workers’ compensation doctor will evaluate you, diagnose your injury, and create a customized treatment plan to help you recover.

Also, your doctor will handle the paperwork and provide the insurance company with evidence related to your claim. That means you can spend your time focusing on making a full recovery from your work-related injury.

A top multi-specialty medical facility is located at 3500 Nostrand Avenue in Brooklyn, NY. Our specialists include orthopedic surgeons, neurologists, pain management specialists, chiropractic, and physical therapy. In addition, there is a full suite of diagnostic testing including nerve conduction testing, X-Rays, and Open MRI.

Call (718) 769-2521 to schedule an appointment with an experienced workers’ compensation doctor and get back on your road to recovery. Same-day appointments may be available.

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