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Having a beautiful lawn can take a lot of work.

Between making sure your grass gets enough water, to looking out for weeds, it can be hard to just enjoy the view!

This is why an artificial garden makes life much easier. It’s a way to boost the beauty of your property without worrying about a constant workload.

Sound like something you might be interested in?

Here are a few tips on how to create your first one!

Choose Your Turf

Turf can be as short and thin as a putting green. It can even look as luscious as natural summer greens. So, narrow down your options by planning and determining the main use of your artificial garden.

Do you intend to landscape the front of your home and have it for show?

Is this area going to be a family-friendly space with children and pets running around?

Picture as many details as possible before you go shopping for turf. By having an idea in mind, the buying process will be much easier.

Prepare to Care

As you’re getting ready to install your turf of choice, you’ll probably start to wonder about care and maintenance.

Weeds won’t be as common on turf as in regular grass. But without protection, the surface is still vulnerable to their seeds.

So, it’s important to use a safe weed killer on your artificial grass from time to time. A weed killer about twice a year should do the job to protect your investment. It also doesn’t hurt to brush off debris and leaves on a weekly basis.

Should your pet mark their territory on your turf, simply pick up after them and gently take a hose and brush to it. A quick cleaning will leave the spot good as new.

Install Your Artificial Garden

The first step in installation is planning.

Prepare the area you wish to house your new garden by removing the existing turf and checking for cables or pipes below the surface.

Next, secure the space with metal or cement edging.

Then, level the ground. This is one of the most important steps in the process. Remember to shape from a high point to a low point for water runoff and smooth everything to a level surface.

After the area is prepped, you can unroll the weed membrane and roll the turf out over it. Be sure to secure both layers as you cover the space.

Finally, trim your turf to the desired shape. Let everything sit for a few days and top it all off with artificial sand.

Add Some Accents

Once you’ve laid the foundation for your artificial garden, the real fun begins!

Consider including pavers to create a tranquil path in your garden. Maybe add some artificial flowers or garden boxes to plant real things like fruits and vegetables.

For a big home, gardens are the perfect place to add a play set or common area as well.

Start Your Property Makeover

No matter the purpose of your outdoor space, having an artificial garden makes the transformation and upkeep process much easier. It allows you to spend more time enjoying your environment in good company rather than worrying about water and weeding.

Ready to give your space the makeover it has been waiting for?

Contact us to order your turf today!

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