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How to Create Brilliant Architecture Presentations

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Your architecture presentation can make or break whether or not the project gets approved in the way that you desire. If you create the presentation right and are able to inspire emotion and sell your audience on your features, you’ll get the design approvals that you’ve been looking for.

But if your presentation falls flat, well. Let’s just say that you may have to go back to the drawing board for a long while.

To help you prevent that unfortunate situation, we’ve written this article. In this piece, we’ll explain the basic principles of building an architectural presentation that wows your audience and achieves your desired outcome.


The first step to designing your presentation is knowing the architecture layout that you’ll have to work with. Take a look at the conference room that you’ll be able to use for your presentation. Understand the layout of the room so you can assess how to position and orient the architectural boards that you will use.

One of the most crucial decisions that you’ll make here is to whether to orient your boards in landscape or portrait. As a general rule of thumb, if you have space you should always try to go with the landscape orientation. It allows you to display more information in a logical, left-to-right progression that’s easy on the eye.


The next step in building a stellar presentation is to structure it logically. The hierarchy that your visual elements follow should make sense as one reads along. For instance, it’s typical to start with introducing the exterior elements of your design to wow your audience. Then only should you progress to interior layouts and floor plans.

Reversing this logic can throw off your audience, which is the last thing that you want to do when seeking their approval.


The good thing about architecture presentation design in the modern-day is that there are now a hundred and one different software options to help you out. Gone are the days when pencil sketches and pens and rulers were required. Now, you can envision the most complicated projects using specialized architecture software.

Be sure to look into tools like Cadmate TakeOff to kick off your architecture project.


Another crucial element to your presentation is your background. You want your designs to be the focus of your presentation. Utilizing any kind of wild colors or unnecessary images in the background will only serve to undermine that focus. Be sure to use ample white space in your background to ensure that viewers’ eyes are naturally led to the other content of your presentation.


There you have it — with this guide on how to build a great architecture presentation, you should now be far better equipped to get approvals on all the projects that you develop.

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