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What is Wealthy Affiliate?


What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Welcome to my Wealthy Affiliate Review

Anyone looking to start an online business this is what you want to start it in, affiliate marketing. But the thing is, with Wealthy Affiliate, they don’t just give you some instructions and tell you to go and build a website without any help (like every other training online) they show you step by step through their lessons and give you the custom tools to do it for yourself.

This is my review of Wealthy Affiliate and I believe that it is for the following people:

There are more people and groups (or genres) of people out there but I’ll leave it at that for now. Enjoy My Wealthy Affiliate review.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Hey, everyone, and welcome to my review on Wealthy Affiliate. In this review, I will give you not only the proven facts that affiliate marketing works, but also whether you yourself can actually benefit from learning how to make money online as well. I will give you a complete rundown on what Wealthy Affiliate is and how it can effectively help you achieve online success very quickly.

Affiliate marketing, is when somebody has a personal way of connecting somebody to what they are looking for.

The Affiliate marketing industry is a multi-billion dollar per year space and growing. All you have to do is connect someone over the internet to whatever it is that they are looking for. When somebody is good at marketing, they possess the ability to make connections between people and products or services. What makes the affiliate marketing industry so juicy, is that the shopper never knows what they are being led in to buy.

In this day and age, and with everyone starting their own blogs, Wealthy Affiliate is the ultimate platform for getting you set up, and receiving the most sophisticated and advanced affiliate marketing training in the world.

You receive $23.50 per month just for referring one person to the platform (recurring; as long as that person stays you get paid). Find out more throughout this review.

Now, Moving forward, I want to show you what I believe to be the number one platform for establishing online success fast and outgrowing your competitors.

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Pro vs Cons



  • Long hours
  • Hard work
  • Basically nothing else, other than hard work (which creates awesome writing skills, and a legendary income)

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is the best affiliate marketing program in the world, and it has over 1.7M people on the inside in which you can also verify and enjoy with.

If you are tired of not having an online income, then you are at the right spot to change all of that.

Lets keep moving forward.

Wealthy Affiliate is completely free. I make mention of this to everyone first. It is a platform that you can also upgrade with, and this is what you will do if you decide that this is something that’s true and that you can benefit from.

The second thing I want to make mention, to you, is to not spend a penny online trying to start an online business (or make money online). You don’t have too. This is where every amateur entrepreneur makes the first wrong move. Even elite professional entrepreneurs fill the whole internet with all their wondrous works (ex. Online products and or businesses) with which, if you take action with them, you will make money. You won’t.

It’s not about blowing money, and just testing if something will work. It’s about looking and seeing what real options or opportunities you have online.

Wealthy Affiliate – Starter Member is the first basic membership and it’s free; and people can create a substantial business with it. It isn’t really about upgrading straight away because you have to or should do, it’s about upgrading straight away because of the large sociable aspect the platform offers. You see, as a free Starter member, you don’t have DM’s available. You also can’t drop comments on people’s posts, but when your in a platform with over 1.7M entrepreneurs (all doing the same as you) and you can see your success, it’s like, I want to be able to find someone I can talk to, maybe get some tips, so it makes you want that aspect, otherwise you’re just stuck – not commenting or private messaging.

ImportantAfter your first 7 days as Starter Member (all included 7-day free trial) Starter Members will still be able to access Level 1 courses (including Bootcamp) and read everything that’s going on within the platform. They will only lose access to all communication – Live chat, No blogs, and no comments on blogs. Ultimately, this means you will still be able to fully continue building your business.

Get started now with your affiliate marketing business and earn your rank in the search, drive traffic to targeted articles with specific keywords and make money online through commissions…

Let’s keep looking at Wealthy Affiliate in a clearer way as we scroll down the page. My intent is to give you a clear understanding on how the platform will work for you in creating your first ever online business. Keep in mind, it is not just for first timers, you could be somebody who has been around and is actually tired of not having something that draws you an income.


Wealthy Affiliate is so big, it’s hard to find what you’re looking for. I want to tell you about the memberships now because it’s important you know where you stand.

For example, most online affiliate courses & affiliate marketing training courses will offer you their service, for generally a huge price. This to me has never taken its toll because I was probably lucky. But I would have never given some young entrepreneur a thousand dollars to help me start an online business. The depth in doing so is to big. If the business is not evident, as in, you can’t see the business but there’s somehow an offer, don’t take it. As I mentioned before, do not spend a cent online starting your business, you don’t have to.

Let’s start off with the free membership of Wealthy Affiliate:

Starter Membership

There is that many things being offered, I’m only going to show you what the Starter member gets. In doing this, you will be able to determine for yourself the Premium Version just by including everything.

The Starter membership has access to the following:


Website Features & Benefits:

Hosting Features & Benefits:

Site Content Features & Benefits:

Keywords & Opportunity:

WA Community:

Support and Mentorship Features & Benefits:

  • Live & Instant Support: You will have live and instant help via the many different means with which the platforms offer only for the first 7 days. After this, you will be restricted to everything else, previously mentioned, and still to come.

That’s it. You can make an account and claim all this right now, thus becoming a successful entrepreneur within months.

Wealthy Affiliate - An Honest review

Take a look at the link here, this is a small document which gives you a better look into what the differences are in memberships.

Take a look at the link here, this is a small document which gives you a better look into what the differences are in memberships.

Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Training

There are two modules, both one with 5 courses and one with 7 courses. There is 10 lessons in each course.

So you don’t get confused, let me repeat that. There are two modules. The first module has 5 courses with 10 lessons, the second module has 7 courses with 10 lessons.

For the Free Membership, I don’t believe there’s anything else quite like it online. For somebody who’s prepared to put in the hard work, I think it’s the ultimate platform anywhere online.

The training is fabulous. Very comprehensive, set out great, and fun for all. It consists of so many elements and modules, so I’m just trying to think how best to show you.

What I say in one of my other pages, is the best way to try and remember how it goes is to always think Online Entrepreneur Certification goes with the free Starter Version, and Affiliate Bootcamp is combined with the Premium Version.

Lets check out what these modules are, and see how much you will learn by following along.

The first is the Online Entrepreneur Certification:

This training module consists of training which isn’t anywhere else online. It has been made with the hard work of professional entrepreneurs, who shared their knowledge, and built a platform.

Important: After your first 7 days as Starter Member (all included 7-day free trial) Starter Members will still be able to access Level 1 courses (including Bootcamp) and read everything that’s going on within the platform. They will only lose access to all communication – Live chat, No blogs, and no comments on blogs. Ultimately, this means you will still be able to fully continue building your business.

Get started now with your affiliate marketing business and earn your rank in the search, drive traffic to targeted articles with specific keywords and make money online through commissions…

You as a Free Starter Member has free access to the first 10 lessons of both modules (how awesome is that?). There are two modules, both one with 5 courses and one with 7 courses. They both contain 10 lessons in each course. Its enough to earn you commissions and build your website.

Incase your still wondering if it’s enough to get your business up and running, the answer is yes, indeed.

Each one of these levels has 10 lessons in each:

The second training module is Affiliate Bootcamp:

Each one of these phases has 10 lessons:

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate - An Honest review

Wealthy Affiliate [My Training]:

Next is the “My Training” tab which is in the training menu as well. This marks each lesson you have looked at. You can also add your own training to it or save training which you want to learn later.

Wealthy Affiliate Training HQ:

Next is the “Training HQ” tab. It offers thousands of training classes about just about everything. It’s as simple as you typing in “whatever you want” and it will more likely than not be there.

Just think about everything this Wealthy Affiliate Review is showing you. If you are one of the people searching the internet for a way to start a small company with desires to grow it, this is the platform you want.

Wealthy Affiliate [Classrooms]:

Take advantage of this training right now without reading anymore. Start your business with a free 7-day trial all included, start now you have nothing to lose!

The final tab within the training menu is called “Classrooms”. Now, Classrooms are different to “Training HQ” because it’s the overall aspect and knowledge of affiliate marketing, and your business. It provides thousands of lessons and tutorials that you can easily look up and use whenever you’re building your business. I know one things for sure, I can’t wait to really get the full usage out of it. Just picture sitting back watching all the lessons from professional entrepreneurs, which is for your own revenue.

Building your website [Wealthy Affiliate]

Starting an online business has never been so easy. In today’s day and age it literally takes seconds to put all the elements which consistent with building a website together.

Important: After your first 7 days as Starter Member (all included 7-day free trial) Starter Members will still be able to access Level 1 courses (including Bootcamp) and read everything that’s going on within the platform. They will only lose access to all communication – Live chat, No blogs, and no comments on blogs. Ultimately, this means you will still be able to fully continue building your business.

In this next section, I want you to watch this walk through video. It’s the cofounder Kyle showing you step by step, exactly how to build your (for some) first ever business. As Kyle puts it during the lesson, “building a website ain’t scary! it’s fun!“.

This isn’t just building a website out of curiosity. This is building and establishing a brand, your brand.

Websites can be created for so many different reasons, but here at WA, creating a website is strictly something which marks your entrepreneurial journey. The websites which you build here are specifically affiliate sites, thus meaning you are now becoming an affiliate marketer. Traffic does not take long to arrive. You are shown everything that’s needed to grow and outstretch your competitors here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Take the next few moments now to watch how easy it is building a website. This is the very first step in establishing your brand and business.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Understanding how to make money online

The first 10 lessons of the Online Entrepreneur Certification shows you in a type of mini-style basically everything you need to market your brand. I mean, this training is unreal. Everything you would have had to learn on your own, and take years to do, are literally banked out right in front of you for free. Kyle makes all the Walk through videos himself. He also answers all your questions on he’s home blog at Wealthy Affiliate. What I want to show you in this section is the way you will learn so much in a short 10-lesson session.

Having so much included in the first 10 lessons truly means value. WA promotes ‘how to earn money online’ and they mean it.

In the first 10 lessons of the first phase, you get to learn the following:

  • Getting rolling: this is where Kyle introduces himself, and Carson, and also shows you the simple but powerful four-step process in affiliate marketing.
  • Understanding how to make money online: Here, you are shown exactly the way the money thing works in affiliate marketing. Take a look at the next picture, this picture is actually taken from the lesson.

The picture above gives the member a very clear picture on how their business is going to operate and run.

  • Choose a niche: now that you have learned what the process is and the way it works in its entirety, you will now be shown how to choose your niche. Niches are so important because it’s what your business is. There are so many spaces online, but I truly think the make money online space (MMO) is the best.
  • Building your own niche website: we previously looked at how to build the website. Well this is the fourth lesson in the Online Entrepreneur Certification module.
  • Setting up your website: WA is connected to WordPress. In this lesson you are shown how to set up and access your website through the WA platform. Because this is within the core of the training, I have incorporated the video and you can watch it now. This video is showing you how to access WordPress backend and getting your website connected.
  • Getting your site ready for search engines: this lesson teaches you absolutely invaluable techniques and strategies when in comes to online Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Plugins are a great concept, which is also core to WordPress. Kyle shows you how to get your site showing up in the top spots of Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
  • Creating your initial website content: The Writers Platform herewith the platform has different templates that you can use to begin your content. In this lesson, you are shown how to add the first important pages which is your ‘about me’ post and your businesses Privacy Policy.
  • Creating custom menus on your website: as the title suggests, this lesson Kyle shows you how to set up your WordPress website menus. This is the structuring of your website content and page layout.
  • Understanding keywords, the start of your journey: this is your second last lesson out of 10 for this module. If you can build a business based of quality content and the right target low-hanging fruits, you will have a very strong business foundation ahead of you moving forward. In this lesson, Kyle shows you what long-hanging fruits are and how to use them.
  • Congratulations! Your next steps: In this lesson Kyle goes over everything you have just covered in a meaning and teachful way. He then tells you where to next!

Jaaxy Keywords & site rank

Jaaxy is a platform that which is ran and owned by Wealthy Affiliate. The keyword and site rank tool far weighs a lot of other tools online today. There isn’t a day that goes by where you will not need this tool, whether to obtain keywords for your article or to check the position of one of your posts or reviews.

Let me tell you something. SEO and content creation are something that will make you millions of dollars alone. People talk about all these other things, link building and paid advertising, well when you concentrate your content with specific keywords (low hanging fruits) your site will grow exponentially in the search engines and over time, and this will give your business website serious authority.

Here is a picture of this tool and somewhere else in this review, either up the top or down the bottom, there is a small cut out piece where you can try the tool yourself to see what it’s like.

The Jaaxy keyword tools are operated from within the Wealthy Affiliate main menu. It’s in the left navigation bar, and when you select it a small box will appear, like this:

By now you should be starting to get a good picture on the way this works and what WA has to offer. Once you get the hang of it, it gets more and more fun because you know you have this keyword tool, so you can easily rank in positions where no one else is ranking. No matter who they are with the Jaaxy tool you will always have keywords that no other business is using.

The cost to for the Jaaxy platform alone would be expeditious. Back when the cofounders first started, before Wealthy Affiliate they were involved in selling high-ranking keywords. You get this keyword tool for free if you start a business, the value is just great!

Wealthy Affiliate Support & networking 

The Wealthy Affiliate community boasts over 1.7 million entrepreneurs, and aspiring entrepreneurs, some already earning within the 6-7-figure digits and others, still at the beginning.

The community provides a means for you to meet new people who are in the same business as yourself.

I haven’t ever come across anywhere in the world, where you have a business platform with which, you can work to get things done, and if ever you have concerns, just reach out to another affiliate marketer.

The support offered within WA, is made with a vast number of technical services and products.

If you join, you will be given a taste of the world’s most advanced technology. Let me go through a list of all the support WA offers.

In the following list, I have compiled a pinpoint bullet list of added bonuses; this is what it has:

  • Live Chat
  • Outlaid comments
  • Private messaging
  • Direct access to the makers
  • Website hosting and support
  • Blog post/ask questions
  • 24/7 answers to questions
  • Live and instant support
  • 5 Minute or less website and hosting support
  • Mentoring from the founders
  • Direct access to 10,000’s of industry experts
  • Website and WordPress support

Wealthy Affiliate Live chat

Live chat is one of the main functionalities of Wealthy AffiliateIt’s what sets the place apart from anything in the world. People even spend hours just ‘hanging’ inside WA because there’s so much going on, everyone is talking about marketing and how they can fix or improve their websites more.

If you want to start a business, this is the spot you want to be.

There are two ways you can access chat. First is in the right column, and the other is in the menu panel to the left.

The site builder at Wealthy Affiliate is called SiteRubix. SiteRubix is owned by Wealthy Affiliate, and by the use of it, it is recommended above all other keyword tools. When you try this keyword research tool out, you will see what I mean.

Kyle cofounder of WA actually makes mention during one of the training lessons that building websites today is nothing like it was 10 years ago. He said that back then just build a website would take 30 plus days.

The SiteRubix site builder utilizes the WordPress platform. This ultimately gives the members at WA a great building advantage. Because of this, the member has 3 state of the art website building platforms all rolled into one and made easy to use.

In case you’re wondering if any of this stuff cost extra, don’t fall off your seat when you hear me say no. You can very easily take advantage of this 3-part system, which is all powered by Wealthy Affiliate on the free Starter membership.

I know you probably want more information on the SiteRubix website builder, but it’s seriously that basic. State of the art but basic and very accurate.

Take a look just below: you can easily think of something you like and create a website right now.

This technology is making people just like you and me very rich out of nowhere.

The technology you are looking at is for us to take total advantage of.

The keyword tool is basically like doing nothing, simply type in a keyword related to your niche and hit search. You are searching for keywords that are what we call ‘low hanging fruits’.

Ultimate Website publisher WordPress

WordPress is a website publisher, which is used to edit the content published to your website. It can also be used by different entrepreneurs who are looking how to start a blog in WordPress.

Two of the main installed which WordPress use are:

  • The WordPress theme feature: this allows you to pick or go through an endless selection of themes for your website.
  • WordPress Plugins: WordPress is a content publisher but also operates on a plugins system. This allows you to personalize your website and business the way you want.

Wealthy Affiliate has a direct link to WordPress which means, once you have used the Wealthy Affiliate content writer, you will have all your content saved in WordPress. This alone can usually cost a lot of money and consist of a lot of instructions. If you want to know how to start blogging and make moneyWealthy Affiliate is the best place online to teach you.

The siteRubix suite, which is the site builder, along with WordPress hosting is where you manage, create, and grow your business. Its what Wealthy Affiliate uses.

Important: After your first 7 days as Starter Member (all included 7-day free trial) Starter Members will still be able to access Level 1 courses (including Bootcamp) and read everything that’s going on within the platform. They will only lose access to all communication – Live chat, No blogs, and no comments on blogs. Ultimately, this means you will still be able to fully continue building your business.

It does not matter what niche you take, traffic will always flow through.

Traffic to your website is what every online entrepreneur wants and needs, this training gives you the fundamentals of what traffic is.

Once you have a website and have content, traffic will be a breeze to maintain. Once you are maintaining an endless flow of traffic, the many ways of earning revenue is endless.

Being dedicated to flowing revenue is a means to social engagement. Posting within your rank to all social media outlets enables extensive flows of money.

Furthermore, intensifying your initial content flow, further enables you to scale larger more vast amounts of product, and content research. Having a larger capacity growth leads to a larger revenue scaling.

Meet the founders of WA in Vegas recurring Affiliate program

The lucrative Affiliate Program is designed for the people who can run in life. After selling a specific amount of commissions (300 in total), and gaining points, the makers Kyle, and Carson bring you out, all expenses paid to a holiday in Vegas. We meet and discuss business. It’s fantastic and you will love it. This affiliate program takes you to Las Vegas after you have reached 300 referrals, I don’t know about you, but I think that says something, (well worth being involved in). It is an all expenses paid trip where they pay for 3 nights, and 4 days, they also give you $200 cash to spend on the gambling tables. Now again, I haven’t ever heard of Amazon or eBay doing something like that? What, do they think they’re to big or something? Wouldn’t it mean, if you were a lot larger company, that you would do the same, and offer your affiliate team out? The Affiliate Marketing industry is a multi billion dollar business, so it would be a respected decision. I

If people are wondering what this life is like, being an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate, let me explain it a different way:

To work hard all year, trying to rank in Google is a actually a success story. It only takes a year to start ranking, and receiving ultimate Google SEO love. Wealthy Affiliate can provide you a life full of success, if you hit that button and join today. Kyle and Carson are great to talk to and be around. To be quite honest they are really nice guys and as you get to know them, you realize, you are in good trusted hands. Kyle and Carson both own and created WA not just for revenue. WA was created for the extended structure on people’s lives, giving back to people what once was created, and let me explain what I mean by that. So many people out there have created half-based niches and just don’t have the capacity to keep going. IN WA all the expected tools are there and ready to make use of. This is the reason Kyle and Carson invented it. Now, do not get all down because you are so far behind. The owners have heard many stories like this and they are there to help.

Send them an email by signing up today, the following prices is all you will pay during your whole online business creation:

  • Free sign up membership
  • $19.00 first month sign up fee
  • $49.00 monthly
  • $220.00 yearly

Let me show you how to build your own online business

What we just discussed is the ‘wow’ factor and that’s why I started. To be able to start a course and develop your website business for free, online, offers something that very little businesses and services offer.

If you want, I will be your coach. If you click the link after reading this review and your exciting and want to start, you may like it better if you have someone who can give you tips, someone who’s already been through it. You get this when you click through my links. If you were to find Wealthy Affiliate on your own, you would be trying to figure it out all on your own, and that’s another huge thing, I’m offering my free coaching.

This is a lifetime investment. Websites become worth a lot of money, and it’s becoming more popular day by day., especially with the evolving of Wealthy Affiliate.

At a glance Wealthy affiliate would be a product that many people don’t have time for, true? People want the quick money in today’s day and age and aren’t willing to wait or put in for it.

The thing I like most about WA, is that it is a platform where everything is waiting for you, all you have to do is operate it. I have tried so many jobs, and I can tell you just by looking at it, that it works.

If you have the smallest amount of time and begin this session intake today, you will be another person saying the same thing that WA works.

WA works that much that there’s not even enough people out there to promote them. With over a billion people online you can not loose, WA is the place where you can make it happen, take my word for it.

Who doesn’t want their own piece of real estate? After your site gains traffic, it then becomes a revenue making a piece of real estate.

Where should you start?

Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started Level 1.

Wealthy Affiliate is for anyone who wants to start working online from home. If you’re interested in starting your own business, here is your opportunity.

This opportunity has given me a chance to build a business for free, and I want other people to be able to leave their traditional jobs, and start free as well.

The Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) training is a series of step by step courses, that walk you through the process of creating your own website within absolutely any niche you want.

If you are ready, you will follow the Affiliate Marketing all time strategy 4 step process:

  1. Choose an interest
  2.  Build a website
  3. Attract visitors
  4. Generate revenue

There are various niches to choose from, but I will always recommend Wealthy Affiliate which is the MMO space (make money online).

There are many options by which you can start a business. Let me provide you a list of niches to help get you started:

For example:

Health & Wellness space:

  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Sack Racing
  • Tennis (with intent)

Make Money Online (MMO):

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Survey sites
  • Apps that pay
  • Multilevel Marketing (MLM)

Anyone of these are all niche website spaces, which will earn you a considerable income over time. It’s that easy. I mean, why wouldn’t you do this, and take this opportunity? Even in your own spare time, being able to create something you like feels great.

Wealthy Affiliate at a glance

  • Name: Wealthy Affiliate
  • Owners: Kyle & Carson
  • Headquarters: Victoria British Columbia, Canada
  • Founding date: 2005
  • Years in business: 14 years
  • Industry sector: Affiliate Marketing, Training, Web Hosting
  • Operating Status: Private, Independent Company
  • Estimated Annual Salary: $$$
  • Price to join: Free
  • Overall rank: 100/100

Important: After your first 7 days as Starter Member (all included 7-day free trial) Starter Members will still be able to access Level 1 courses (including Bootcamp) and read everything that’s going on within the platform. They will only lose access to all communication – Live chat, No blogs, and no comments on blogs. Ultimately, this means you will still be able to fully continue building your business.

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