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How to Clean Your Computer From the Inside

Knowing how to clean your computer’s storage is a vital part of keeping a well-ordered machine. You likely don’t need to keep all of the files that are present on your machine, and they could even be slowing it down!

The ones that you do need, well, they need to be well-organized, which will make your machine easier to use.

Follow our tips, and you’ll have a faster machine and files that are far easier to find when you need them. Ready to learn more? Then read on!

Delete Unnecessary Files

Your computer likes to keep old files around in case they’re ever useful again. These include temporary files, prefetch data, and other kinds of data that accumulate on your hard drive and can slow it down.

If you’re running Windows, you can get rid of a lot of this data by opening up the Disk Cleanup utility, selecting the data that you want to clear, and letting it do its thing. If you’re on Mac, you can go Storage Management and optimize storage, and you can also get rid of any clutter from within this menu.

However, there’s one type of file that won’t be caught by these utilities: duplicate files. If, for instance, you’ve got a ton of duplicate photos on your machine, these utilities won’t touch them, and there’ll stay on your drive, taking up unnecessary space. Getting rid of duplicate files is a must for an organized machine, try these tips to learn how to get rid of them.

Organizing Your Files

Knowing the secrets of computer file organization can make using your computer far easier. Never again will you have to click through a dozen different folders before you find that file that you’re looking for!

The first step of organizing your files is removing redundant ones, so you’re already set. Now you need to categorize your files.

Most files will fit into two broad categories of “personal” and “business/work.” Make two folders for each of these categories, then work further down, so, for instance, under personal, you could have a folder called “finance,” and then a folder called “budgets.”

Learn to love folders: they’re key to staying organized.

We’d also strongly recommend that you rename your folders: the names that programs pick for their files aren’t usually the most intuitive. Sometimes it’s little more than an alphanumeric. Make sure that you rename your files so you can tell what they are at a glance.

Beyond these two top tips, there isn’t too much to keeping organized. Simply stick to your system, making sure that you always save your files in the right place, and you’ll be set!

How to Clean Your Computer From the Inside: Answered

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this look at how to clean your computer from the inside. Put our tips into practice and you’ll have fewer files clogging up your machine and a better organized drive, too.

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