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How to Choose the Best Roof Shingle Colors

How do you know what shade is the best? 

The roof shingle colors you choose for your home will affect the way it looks for many years to come. Different colors complement different landscapes, and the right shade can boost the curb appeal of your house.

We’ve put together a balanced guide to choosing the right roof shingle colors.

Consider the Exterior of Your Home

Choosing the best roof shingle color is an important decision when you’re thinking of roofing options for your home. While there are numerous roof shingles and styles to choose from, it’s important to consider the existing exterior of your home before making your selection.

The right color of roofing materials can help to tie together the overall look of the home, while an unconventional color can stand out and offer a unique statement. For the exterior, darker colors will often accentuate brick, stone, and other neutral tones, as well as create a sense of depth. 

Identify Areas of Focus

When choosing the best roof shingle colors, there are several areas of focus. Take account of the location and environment surrounding your home, and think about how the colors will work with the surrounding foliage and landscape.

It might be desirable to choose colors that draw attention but don’t overwhelm you. Finally, take the age of your home into consideration, and opt for colors that will look age-appropriate. 

Understand Color Theory

Color theory helps us to understand how different colors interact and how to use the principles of contrast to create visual impact and interest. Color theory helps us understand how different colors and shades interact and how to create a roof that is truly complementary to the house’s style and color palette.

The color theory also helps us to understand how different roof color influence each other and the advantages of using neutral colors alongside more vibrant accent shades. Using this knowledge, we can make sure our roofing shingles make a great visual statement that enhances the aesthetic value of our property.

Understand Color Psychology

When choosing the best roof shingle colors, one should take color psychology into account. For example, shades of white, beige, and gray can evoke a sense of protection, while blues and greens may evoke a sense of calmness.

Earthy colors like browns, tans, and olive greens can bring out a balance between protection and calmness. Bright colors such as red, orange, and yellow can provoke feelings of energy and excitement.

Consult with a Professional

A professional can assess the existing colors of your home as well as check what other buildings in your neighborhood are using to offer you a selection of options that will suit your home and give you the desired look and feel.

Working with a roofing company can also provide you with tips and suggestions on how to maximize durability and minimize maintenance so you get the most out of your new roof. 

Explore How to Choose the Best Roof Shingle Colors

Choosing the best roof shingle colors can be a fun and rewarding process when you know what to look for. Remember to consider your home’s style, neighboring properties, and the availability of roofing materials.

Start with a budget and then weigh the options, making sure the quality of the shingles is the highest priority.

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