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The 5 Best Investment Resources

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You probably know by now that the key to growing wealth isn’t just to save money — you have to invest it.

Money is an energy that circulates, so if you are just sitting on it rather than making it work for you, you can’t expect it to bring you back any interest. Most people are hesitant to invest because they are fearful or misinformed.

You don’t have to feel any of these feelings today since there are several investment and trading resources available that will show you the ropes.

Read on to learn more about the investment resources that will help you get to know markets and become an investor in earnest.

Consider the Best Investment Resources Around

So what investment resources should you be keyed in on? The resources below are an excellent place to begin:

1. Investopedia Information and Tutorials

For years, Investopedia has stood apart from the rest when it comes to informing novices and helping them grow. It all starts with that first piece of information, and Investopedia is known to give some of the best breakdowns and definitions that you’ll find on the web.

What’s more, they have tutorials that will take you step by step into any sort of investment that you are interested in.

2. Podcasts and YouTube Videos Galore

There are podcasts and YouTube videos that can teach you all about everything from bitcoin stocks to mutual funds.

By following a personality that you enjoy, it becomes easier to learn and less like you are just taking courses. Become a sponge for this type of content so that you are ready to pull the trigger on an investment when the time comes along.

3. Stock Market, Forex and Other Simulators

Today, just about every major investment platform lets you test the market with free play money before you ever decide to invest any of your own.

You can play the stock market game with Investopedia’s simulator, and there are simulators for just about every other type of investment you can make. These simulators mirror the markets down to the last detail, so you can take the real-life wins and losses and learn from them before plunking down your own capital.

4. The Motley Fool

Plenty of investors learned the ropes by becoming a “fool” first.

In addition to a culture blog and contributor articles, the Motley Fool is also a one-stop-shop for up to the moment news and market updates. You will be surrounded by a community of people that are also trying to grow your wealth.

5. Investment Apps

Keep in mind that there are plenty of investment apps that are useful to experts and novices alike.

Whether you use mint to get your finances organized or Acorns to invest in mutual-fund style accounts that make saving easy, you will start to learn to invest little by little until you establish a comfort level.

Get Started Investing in Earnest

The investment resources above will be useful to you no matter what kind of investments you are interested in.

If you really want to invest successfully — you have to make it a lifestyle. We’ve got everything that you could ever want to wear your passion for investing on your sleeve.

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