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Celebrate National Homemade Soup Day – February 4th

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What Is the Origin of Soup?

Soup is a dish enjoyed worldwide and has existed since 20,000 B.C. before modern cooking equipment was even available. Using containers made of clay, man began boiling ingredients such as plants, animal meat, and fish.

The Latin word “suppa,” is the word soup’s origin, which describes bread soaked in broth. In the early 1600s, this dish became popular in Europe, and the French word “soupe,” was used, which means broth.

As the years passed, soup gained popularity in North America, and the dish caught on at all levels of society. In many locations, February brings cold weather, ice, and snow, and there’s nothing better than a hot bowl of soup to warm your soul on a cold winter day. No wonder National Soup Day is celebrated in February!

Benefits of Homemade Soup

There are many benefits to making homemade soup, including the following:

  1. You can control the ingredients. You can choose healthy, whole foods free of additives and preservatives when you make soup at home.
  2. You can adjust the sodium content. Many store-bought soups are high in sodium, but when you make soup at home, you can use low-sodium broth or water and add salt to taste.
  3. Using leftover vegetables: If you have some vegetables starting to go bad, soup is a great way to use them.
  4. You can make it as healthy or indulgent as you like. Soup is a great way to get in your veggies, but if you’re looking for a hearty meal, you can add meat, noodles, or rice to your soup.
  5. It’s easy and economical. Soup is one of the easiest things to make at home and is also very affordable.
  6. Greater variety: Making soup allows you to experiment with different flavor combinations and ingredients, so you can always find a new favorite recipe.

Delicious GoodCook Veggie Soup

Start with a basic GoodCook Big Batch Veggie Soup, and have a crowd over on game day or serve for a family gathering. This delicious soup recipe is not only tasty but also packed with so many vegetables; it provides many health benefits too!

This one-dish meal doesn’t require you to dirty every dish in the kitchen. For your Big Batch Veggie Soup, chop the onions, carrots, and celery into uniform sizes, and add to your pot with a bit of butter. Add the tomatoes, beans, broth, tomato sauce, tomato paste, salt, garlic, parsley, paprika, and pepper, and stir well.

Cover and let this delicious soup cook on low for about an hour. Once the vegetables and beans are tender, the pasta is added, and the soup cooks for another 20 – 30 minutes. Depending on your desired thickness, you may need to add additional broth or water.

Because this dish uses a mixture of fresh, frozen, and canned ingredients, it is simple to prepare, and the flavor is fantastic.

If you have leftovers, you can freeze everything for an easy weeknight dinner you can thaw and serve when the kids have practices or lessons. See our meal prep containers that make your batch food storage easier.

An Exotic GoodCook Soup

Next, experiment with something a little more exotic, such as GoodCook Pink Pepper Soup. This soup comes together amazingly fast with roasted red peppers and cream cheese. Perfect for a luncheon or brunch, this soup is delicious when you top it with homemade croutons, a dollop of sour cream, grated Parmesan cheese, or a few crumbles of feta cheese.

Simmer the Pink Pepper Soup ingredients. Then using an immersion blender, blend the soup to a creamy texture after simmering for 20 minutes. If you don’t have an immersion blender, pour the soup into your blender or food processor, whir it up to be smooth, and you’re ready to serve.

Use Up Turkey with This GoodCook Recipe

Lasagna Turkey Soup is a GoodCook recipe that offers the perfect way to use leftover turkey. If you’ve roasted a whole turkey for Thanksgiving or any other holiday, you’re bound to end up with lots of leftover meat. To give your turkey a new twist, this recipe with an Italian flair transforms the leftovers into a delicious soup.

Begin with your leftover turkey stock or purchase chicken stock. Add in canned tomatoes, tomato paste, Italian seasoning, and salt. Bring the soup to a boil, and simmer for about 15 minutes.

Break uncooked lasagna noodles into bite-sized pieces and add to the pot with diced turkey and simmer until noodles have fully cooked.

In a GoodCook mixing bowl, create the cheesy topping with Ricotta, shredded mozzarella, and Asiago. The GoodCook whisk is the perfect tool to combine these delicious cheeses into a fluffy mixture served on top of the soup.

Sprinkle baby arugula or basil on the topping to give it flavor and color, and you’re ready to dine. Who would think you could turn your leftover turkey into something with such a gourmet Italian flair? “Buon appetito!”

Celebrate Delicious Soup

As you celebrate National Soup Day, you’ll love trying the various soups we discussed here, plus more on our soup recipe page. Soups are delicious and easy, and the leftovers can be frozen in GoodCook Everyware containers for nights when you just don’t feel like cooking.

Ready to taste the homemade goodness in our soups? Share with friends, and visit our website often for new GoodCook recipes!

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