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How ringless voicemail can increase your business success

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The present world we live in has so far survived based on the forces of demand and supply, which thrive well in a competitive environment. With so many businesses going along the same line, to have a successful business, there’s a need to distinguish one’s business from the competitors.

To that end, many businesses resorted to advertisements in a variety of ways to reach out to their prospective and regular clients. One of such valued way and means of reaching out to customers today is through the ringless voicemail.

The Ringless Voicemail

The Ringless Voicemail (RVM) is a new and quite useful trend in the business world. It enables businesses to send a voicemail to their customers’ cellphone, mobile, or telephone appliances without so much as a ring to advertise their business.

In other words, it’s a way for businesses to leave a voicemail without putting a call through in the first place or without making the phone ring. In fact, ringless voicemails are sometimes referred to as ‘drops’ because the voicemail gets dropped into the customer’s voicemail box. An example of such is the Drop Cowboy ringless voicemail.

With the rising popularity associated with the ringless voicemail, such as Call Cowboy, many operatives and service providers of ringless voicemails are now everywhere, all of which are ready to provide their services to companies, business enterprises, and others that might require their services.

In addition to ringless voicemails to give businesses as many advantages as possible, these service providers also offer other services, such as autodialer, text messaging, a retry feature for failed numbers, SMS autoresponder, short-code usage to increase the contact list.

Benefits of Using A Ringless Voicemail To Increase Business Success


Because the RVM is a tactical marketing strategy, many wonders how exactly it can be useful in increasing the success of any business. To answer that, an excellent way to start is to go through the benefits of using a ringless voicemail.

Here are some of its benefits:

  1. Serves As A Means Of Passing Vital Information

All relative and related pieces of information that have to do with the business – it’s activities, it’s clientele target, it’s aims and objectives, and other sorts of related information – can be easily passed across through a Ringless Voicemail.

That way, the ringless voicemail not only helps advertise the business, but it also provides vital information about the company to prospective customers.

  1. Non-interruptive And Efficient

A vital benefit of a ringless voicemail is the fact that it’s non-intrusive and non-interruptive, yet it’s efficient. As the name implies, the voicemail drops ringless and whatsoever message or pieces of information that the business is interested in passing to clients without disrupting the latter’s day and time.

By directly dropping your message into the client’s voicemail, it gives the client privacy, which not only soothes the peace of the client but also allows the client to reach out or reply to the said business at their own pace and time.

  1. Serves As A Smart Reminder 

A very tactical and useful benefit the ringless voicemail is that it serves as a smart reminder to the client of your business’ existence, its services, and also other special or limited promotions and sales.

It serves as a means to keep the clients up to date without disrupting their daily activities. That way, the client is kept up to date with everything related to the business — a perfect way to create awareness, increase sales, and success of the company.

  1. Time And Energy Saving

Another benefit of using ringless voicemail as a telemarketing strategy for any business is that it saves energy and time.

Time is of the essence when it comes to any business, especially when it comes to profit-making and the success of the company. What the ringless voicemail offers to any business that makes use of it is the opportunity to reach out to clients without wasting precious time and resources.

With the help of a ringless voicemail, you can pass messages and reach a lot of people on time. This also applies to clients who are kept up to date with whatsoever information the business has to offer, without steady call disturbance and getting forced to stay on lengthy calls that are time and energy-consuming.

  1. A Smart Follow-up Method With A Customized Loyalty Platform 

Clients drifting away or losing interest in what a business has to offer is quite common due to the endless number of competition available. If a company consistently loses a considerable amount of customers, it could affect sales and, in the long-run, impact on the success of the business. With the help of ringless voicemails, companies have the opportunity to win back lost clients.

By reaching out through the ringless voicemail, such customers that are long gone can get offers, such as special discounts as returning clients to encourage them to return.

Furthermore, a ringless voicemail also serves as a means to build a long-lasting relationship between the client and the business. By merely using the voicemails, companies can keep in touch with their clients and also deliver necessary information on time.

Also, by using the ringless voicemail platform, businesses get the chance to build a loyalty channel for their most regular customers by providing exclusive offers that’ll keep them loyal to the company. Besides, the use of the ‘drip’ method, which involves directly contacting the client once a week, can be a way to keep up with them and also getting feedback from them.

  1. Gives Accessibility That Broadens The Business Outreach

Door-to-door advertisements and call advertisements have their advantages. However, one of the disadvantages is that they might get declined even before the information is passed, thereby eliminating the prospect of the recipient individual becoming a prospective client. Over time, this can reduce business outreach and, ultimately, affect the success of the business.

The ringless voicemail feature allows businesses to efficiently keep in touch with an unlimited number of clients. It also broadens their clientele reach because the fact is that many people are more attentive when it comes to voicemails. The fear of calls dropping or doors shutting on the employee’s face is also eliminated.

  1. A Way To Provide Quality Message

Sometimes, the company might not get to pass their message across appropriately in face-to-face interactions or even through calls because the marketers are often cut short or because of the limited timeframe.

A ringless voicemail provides a means for telemarketers and business strategists to construct appropriate and well-informing messages with quality that’ll attract prospective clients on a more extensive scale.

  1. Access Is At A Convenient Pace

With a ringless voicemail, clients get to access voicemails with ease and comfort, which means that they can take in the information in a more composed manner and decide whether to contact for feedback or not. Thus, ringless voicemail makes the whole process more comfortable and without pressure for the client.

  1. Relieves Marketing Stress Of Employees And Boosts Morale: 

Nothing brings an employee down more and reduces their morale when the efforts invested at work are futile and unyielding, particularly if they’re unable to meet their goals. Reaching and attracting clients can be a marketing headache, which is uncomfortable for both the company and the employee.

The good news is that a ringless voicemail saves the employee the stress of having clients hang up on them, yell at them, or even threaten them. As mentioned, with a ringless voicemail, the messages go directly to the client’s voicemail, thereby limiting stressful contacts and interactions.

Ways You Can Use A Ringless Voicemail To Increase Business Success

There are different ways through which a ringless voicemail can be put to proper and effective use to ensure that the success rate of the business spikes up to the roof, such as:

  • Using it as an update provider on the service status of the company to engage clients. By using it to give an update on shipping orders, delivery procedures, and requirements alongside other details necessary.
  • Using the ringless voicemail to reach out to and acquire new clients to widen the clientele base and number and generate feedbacks that’ll boost sales.
  • A ringless voicemail can also be used as a reminder to keep active members up to date with all things related to the business, such as in-house promotions and other things that will keep the clientele loyal.
  • For follow-up messages on previously carried out transactions and purchases, as well as additional information related to all prior operations.
  • For confirmation of sales and transactions.
  • Using it to incentivize referrals as well as reviews from already established clients after purchases have been made and transactions carried out.
  • A platform to share general business information and insights with clients. Such pieces of information are growth statistics, changes and development, clientele feedbacks and suggestions, and so on.

How To Get Started With A Ringless Voicemail

In truth, there’s not much to a ringless voicemail as a telemarketing strategy. Nonetheless, it requires a bit of planning and structuring to merge it into the other functioning sales strategies and tools already in place

To begin, get a preferable and suitable ringless voicemail software or a service provider that’ll understand all your needs and function that are appropriate for the kind of business you’re operating.

Also, it’ll help if you get software and service providers that provide accompanying features, such as multiple languages and accents with a natural human voice synthesizer that gives a sort of more personalized and more human-like tone to the dropped message.

Next is the collation and compilation of the numbers and contacts of clients, starting with fixed clients and current clients. In the case of acquiring new leads on new names that the business has never had contact with, the company should attach a phone number collection form to a lead magnet on the company’s website or social media platforms to track out numbers.

Next on the list is sorting out the contacts, preferably based on demographic information, age brackets, and so on, so that any messages sent will not be for the wrong target audience, which will render it useless or pointless.

After sorting your contact list, you can now start preparing the messages and ads you want to send. The next thing is to send the messages, and they’ll be drop directly into the voicemails of the target numbers.

For more explanation on how to start your campaigns and send your messages, watch this video:

Keep in mind that although ringless voicemails are very much legal, a business that desires to use it should be careful of things that can make the process illegal or unethical. For starters, avoid sending your ringless voicemails at odd hours or days. Also, always make sure that messages you drop have the name of the business clearly stated alongside with the purpose of the message.

There are other simple rules you can follow, but the most important thing is to keep the message clear and straightforward. That way, you can avoid any legal suit against your business.

Furthermore, to ensure high conversion, it’s advisable to keep the message precise and concise while using a ringless voicemail. It’ll also help if the messages are prepared with good-natured and natural tones that encourage clients to identify with the courtesy and callbacks.

It’s also advisable to do a good follow-up with the ringless voicemails to make the client feel valued. The follow-up could either be an email or a specially designed ringless voicemail.


If utilized well, ringless voicemail is a great business tool that has the potential of increasing business success. It can help increase the clientele base of any business and also aid in retaining customers’ loyalty.

With a lot of benefits and advantages, like a broader clientele base, loyalty platform, and an avenue to pass vital information about the business, investing in a ringless voicemail can significantly improve your business operations and success rate.

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