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Why Investing Your Money in a Private Registration is a Wise Decision During the Pandemic

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COVID-19, the pandemic that has rocked the world in 2020, has changed many things in many people’s lives. Lockdown was hard, and we realised that family and friends were more important than we ever thought. Then came the gradual return to ‘the new normal’, and this has perhaps been the most challenging aspect of all. When we were asked to stay at home, we had no choice; home was where we had to be. Now that we can go out again, now that offices and shops and restaurants have reopened, we have to think carefully before we do anything.

That includes our transport options. 

Once we might have chosen to take the train or bus to get where we wanted to go before COVID-19. Now, due to the rule that we have to wear a mask on public transport and the fact that we want to keep to the social distancing regulations set out, buses and trains are no longer quite as tempting as they once were.

It’s time, then, to get the car out again. It’s time to drive.

It may also be time to invest in a private registration.

The Future Is Uncertain

The future is uncertain, and that’s the only certainty we can be sure of right now. We don’t know what is just around the corner, and if COVID-19 taught us anything, it’s that we can’t take what we have right now for granted; everything can change.

Having private registrations on your vehicles can help with this uncertainty. Because they are a good investment and tend to increase in price even as the car itself depreciates, you know that you can always sell your private number plate on when and if you want or need to, giving you a good return.

Of course, you might choose to keep it since it’s a fun way to personalise your car, but the option will always be there. It’s what makes a private plate a great choice.

Business Needs To Be Built

Private registrations aren’t just for personal vehicles. They can be an ideal addition to a work vehicle, especially those that drive around more often than not, heading to customers’ homes to carry out work. The ones that will be noticed by other drivers, pedestrians, and the neighbours.

These businesses may have taken a bit of a knock during lockdown, and business owners are going to be looking at all kinds of different ways to build up a potentially decimated customer base once more. Or perhaps you’ve decided while on furlough to start your own business, and you need to find customers to prove to yourself that this is a good idea.

Personalised plates on your work vehicles can help. They are an excellent tool to use as a marketing technique since they are extremely visible and easily spotted. Make them as memorable as possible, and the rest of your business should be remembered too.

Thinking of private registrations as a means of advertising is an excellent way to look at things. Yes, you’ll need to spend money on them, but they can bring in that money and then some if the right people see them. It’s certainly worth trying, and remember, these plates will increase in value, so even if you change your mind after a while, you should be able to sell them on for a profit.

How Old?

Sometimes the type of car you have matters. Sometimes the age of the car you have matters. Although a private number plate can’t change the make and model of your car (although it can certainly improve the appearance should you want it to), it can disguise the age of the car, something that a standard registration gives away as soon as it’s seen.

If this is something that you feel is important, perhaps because you park your car in a car park full of newer models, or because you want to show customers your business is doing well, then ‘hiding’ the car’s age with a fantastic, fun, and entirely unique private number plate is the ideal way to do it. Far less expensive than buying a new car, with much less paperwork, this is a wonderful opportunity to show off that car to its full glory, without giving away its true age. However, you should bare in mind that hiding the cars age with a dateless plate is perfectly legal, but trying to make the car appear younger than it is, is illegal. If you have any queries regarding dateless plates, don’t hesitate to contact us.

You Won’t Forget

Forgetting your car’s number plate is easily done. That weird combination of letters and numbers that don’t mean anything to you necessarily sometimes just won’t stick, and this can cause all kinds of problems. You might lose the car in a car park. You might input the wrong digits in a payment machine and get a hefty fine for your small mistake. You might even have to put off getting a great deal on your car insurance because you just can’t quite recall the plate number, and by the time you do, any promotions and deals you were hoping to get could be gone forever.

We can’t promise you you’ll always remember to get your insurance sorted out in time to save yourself money, but we can promise you’ll always remember your number plate if you have a personalised one. It might be a small thing, but added up, it can save you time, effort, and money. Plus, you can use the same plate on any car you buy (not at the same time, of course), so you’ll only ever have one number to remember. That’s a neat trick.

Coronavirus has meant we’ve all had to change the way we do things, and what we thought was a routine set to stay may well have been turned on its head. If you’re using your car now more than ever, or you intend to once you get back to work, having a private registration to go along with it can make you money, can promote your business, and can give you a smile. What more can you ask for in these troubled times?

What do you think? Is a private registration a good investment during the pandemic? Let us know your thoughts over on our Instagram – @primoreg or check us out at

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