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Being able to find a suitable bra type and bra size for your breasts is essential. Please find a bra size converter here for almost every country.

Having correct measurement for your bra is always recommendable and makes your international sizing & conversion easier. From statistics, it shows that less than 40% of women wear the right bra size due to the inconsistency of measurements of the lingerie and due bra fashion each season. Apart from these, a significant percentage is seen having to wear a small bra that is significantly smaller in size reason being … well, you know… Women buy new bras using their previous bra standards, which leads to incorrect bra purchasing. It is always advisable to always measure your bust and band size often to ensure a correct bra size is purchased. Not only covering the breasts with Brassiere or bra but also providing comfort and stability to a woman is what matters the most. Getting to choose a bra type and size should first be inspired by your breast size and a few other factors as listed below:


The chest band is a band on your brassiere that serves to hold and secure your breast and bra while you are wearing it. Making sure it is comfortable and fitting is so essential, and it is one’s responsibility to ensure you have the right one to sustain your breast weight.

It is one of the essential factors when it comes to bra sizing. Let’s look at how it affects sizes on different people. What does the chest band include? Alternatively, what makes it essential?


These are attachments to a bra mostly at the cups and towards band closure


It is the space between two cups for your breast. The size and height of a center gore can affect the band size and placements of the cup. Choosing the right center for your breast ensures comfortability and security.


What are cups? These are round pointed material stuff with a cup shape on your bra. Its work is to restrain and keep your breast on hold. It becomes another critical factor in ensuring that you reach an appropriate size. Cups come in different sizes and shapes such as G-cup, h- cup, and others.


It is considered as the highest point of the bra where the straps running along your shoulders attaches to the front. The material too can affect the buying power of a bra.


It is a closure mechanism at the back of the bra that ensures closure and also loosening to increase comfortably. The flexibility of the hook and eye is so essential.


Since not all bras are fitted with underwires is a crucial component to consider while buying. It is a wire placed at the bottom of cups.


Choosing the best shoulder strap is a key to stability and comfort, how adjustable and rigid they can be it all depends on your taste and preference.

Now since you understand what a bra is and a few factors that may affect the sizing. Another critical component in bra size conversion is the type of bra.


Brassiere type and styles affect the sizing of almost everything when it comes to a bra. Making it difficult in knowing what best size suits you efficiently without having to measure always.


This is a type of bra that ensures complete coverage of the breast majorly recognized by shape. It affects center gore and apex such as Hanro Elin soft Cup Bras.


It is a bra designed to cover a portion of your breast. Its cup is the half shape. It is the most common type of bra among women and mostly if you have a larger breast.

Aubade half cup bra.


It’s a bra designed to push your breast at the center and upwards ending showing up the top half of your breast.

Aubade Flirt Balconette Bra.


It is a detachable brassiere and most convenient when sizing to your taste.


It works as a full cup bra, but its main aim is to reduce the appearance of the large bust.


A brassiere is looking the same as a demi-cup bra but with additional padding at the bottom. Mostly used by women who want to have a full breast show?

Aubade Bahia Push up bra


As the name describes, it has no shoulder straps, just a band, and cups. Sometimes does not assure the security of breast at a considerable margin, especially when considering the weight.

Another type of bras sold by Brandable may include; Sports bra, Nursing bra, plunge bra known as, T-shirt and Bandeau. 

Hanro T-shirt Bra

Aubade Passion Nocturne Triangle Plunge bra


Choosing the best bra that fits provides enormous benefits at large. Since the fashion industry is evolving and making it possible to have a wide selection of bras and Brands. Then having a correct bra size and type is not just about fashion but an individual taste and preference. Why is bra even so important? Is wearing a bra good for your health? Picture an example, when you have worn a non-fitting or small bra, what happens. It can cause mental distress and body stress too and may be unhealthy for your breasts. Having an excellent brassiere for your breast makes it possible to restrain your breast and achieve the desired position, it also Enhances our posture.

Additionally, it improves your blood circulation within the breast, which is so healthy. It also enhances excellent and healthy breast tissue. It also increases and molds breast shape overtime keeping them around and perkier. Above all, brassiere provides security for your breast on all occasions and provide comfort always so that you can meet your minimal day to day activities amicably.


Since you need having a bra now, then do you go to a boutique and ask for a bra? Knowing your correct brassiere size is essential and a key factor when it comes in deciding on which type of bra to wear in response to your beast weight. To accurately determine your bra size, you need measurements of your band and cup size.

How do you do it? You may opt for a professional or a friend’s help, or you can decide to do it solo by just standing in front of the mirror and taking measurements for yourself. Keynote avoids any piece of clothing while taking your size.


Getting to know your width is vital for comfortability and bra sizing. Take a tape measure and wrap it under your breast and make sure no tensions as a result of breathing not to affect measurements. Your chest should be relaxed too. After record your girth measurements. Then if you need to round off then do so.


Taking into account your breast size is best to measure to ensure you grab that cup size of the best fit. How do you do it? May seem odd, but it is better. Wrap your measuring tape on your upper torso and o the highest point of the bra the nipples. Always make sure the measuring tape is the same height at the back and front after recording your measurements and round off if necessary.

Then what happens when you have the band and breast size in place. Then all you have to do is calculated to determine the best size for your breasts.


Since cup sizes measure are different per country, especially when it comes to large bra sizes. We shall discuss various methods that one can calculate depending on the area. For example, in the UK, you can determine your cup size by getting the difference of bust size and band size and make sure they are in the same units.

In the US measurements are the same by taking an estimation of your underbust width, and bust size then make a difference of your bust size against band size, After using your measurement alongside the chart to provide the correct equivalent alphabetical cup size

Now that you have known your breast cup size and band width setting of an online boutique such as Brandable would be a great deal to ensure you get yourself an excellent bra to suit your need. However, due to increased manufacturers making bras for women, fashion uses different band and cup size conversions. Simply it means that you may be a 26 on US and UK size but when it comes to Australia sizing it’s a 4. How do we ensure that we get correct conversions when it comes to brassieres?


Band size conversion is necessary when you want to pick a comfortable bra for your breast effectively. Being that there are different sizing systems, then it is better to be in knowledge of how to efficiently solve this mystery. Moreover, it will be a smile always getting a perfect look at that G-cup or B-cup.

Below is an intersystem band size conversion table for all band sizes measurements in cm. The table includes different sizing styles depending on the region but driving more focus on the UK, US, and Australia. There is no significant difference in band size among the US and UK. Let’s look at the estimates available.

Band size conversion chart by (HauteFlair) Cup size conversion.

International Bra Band Sizes - how to convert table

Cup sizes vary so much in terms of sizes for different systems. They do not equate nor have the same measures while cup labeling falls mostly under US and UK measures in terms of Inches. Taking into account of underbust and full bust measurements can make you have a correct estimation of your cup size bra all over the world.

Understanding how these systems works would help you as a woman comfortably choosing whether it is a B, C, DD, G, H or E cup size. This only can be achieved by having taken the best measurement. Below is a general cup size conversion table inclusive of some of the International systems.

International Bra Cup size conversion chart

by (Little miss Uncle)


Since we know to make conversion I know you are wondering what US, UK, and AUS conversion system are and why can’t there be a standardized system for all bras to eliminate this problem of geographical difference. Let’s get to understand how this system works.


The US uses chest derived circumference band sizes in determining how they manufacture their bras for their consumers. The United States uses inches as a measurement of band size and cup size. Above all, it has a one-inch method on cup sizes. US cup sizes are represented by different alphabetical letters. Cup sizes in the US also begin with AA meaning a zero inch difference between the band and bust circumference and augment with the increase with the circumference. In US system Bands size may start at as low as 20. It is also notable that, US-style bra measurement in terms of alphabets runs from A-Z


Uk uses band sizes that have correspondence to chest circumference. Also, it uses Inches as a measurement unit. For example, if a lady says my band size is 30, then it corresponds to a chest circumference of 30. As seen in the US, the UK also uses a one-inch method for its cup sizes. What is the inch method mean for cups? It means that for that one inch of difference between chest circumference and bust circumference, the cup size increases by one inch. UK band sizes begin at the 28 and expand in terms of two inches as the size yields. While the cup sizes measurements start from AA that corresponds to 0 inches difference. Moreover, from there for any increase by an inch corresponds to one inch on cup size

Below is a one-inch method cup size for both UK and US systems. They are much comparable since they use inches as the unit of measurements and have the same letters when it comes to cup sizes however the US can have triple alphabets sizing such as DDD and DDDD a runs up to Z US UK table chart conversion inch method. (Bra fittings by the court)


AUS system is much different from the two methods of bra sizing. It is mostly used within Australia and New Zealand. AUS sizing is described as the most compelling system in the manufacture of the brasserie. Cup sizes vary in terms of 2 cm as seen in the charts. Instead of using inches AUS style uses Centimeters in its measurements. Chest circumference is not regarded when it comes to band and cup sizes. AUS uses a dress size method for band size instead of under bust. AUS dresses are majorly manufactured to meet cup sizes of B and C only.

When using this system, one is prone to the incorrect measurement of Bra basing on the dress size. Apart from that is uses cap labeling in alphabets as used in the UK only from AA to DD and after there it uses European style cup labeling. AUS style does not have room for FF and GG type of bra cup sizes. Using AUS conversion chart to find an excellent bra size for your breast can be tedious enough if you do not understand the system comprehensively leading you to choose uncomfortable garment which disappoints you.

Follow the link to see the charts for AUS/NZ sizing: >>LINK<<


What is cup labeling, and how is it essential when it comes to bra size conversion among women. Cup labeling is an individualized system of labeling or placing substantial information within the bra to provide knowledge to the buyer. It is much essential feature in bra size conversion in such that it helps one easily identify the Cup sizes despite the manufacturer and location. Be it in the US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand, and the rest of the world.

Size labeling can be compelling and complicated for Aus and NZ women’s who are seeking international bra conversions since their systems are much different from others at a considerable margin. It has been seen among many local lingerie getting confused over cup labeling misinformation among bra and may lead to buying small cup sized bra or of different band sizes. It is thus making Cup labeling of much importance in fashion among Bra manufacturers.

To solve this issue of misinformation getting yourself a conversion chart and always getting an estimate of your cup sizes would be great to ensure the correct choice of bra that brings your taste and preference together easily anywhere. Cup labeling of the US is much different in comparison to the UK and AUS, which is the same. Cup labeling may be inaccurate, so it is always recommendable to measure always at the boutique before buying by use of a professional bra fitter to eliminate the possible doubts of unrealistic conversion.

The following table shows the various conversion of different cup sizes on different systems Cup labeling conversion table. By (Bra sister sizes)


Being able to find a suitable brassiere for your breasts is essential and also can be determined by the breast shape. To have an optimum bra providing comfort and security against underbust and band size with a proper cup size consideration is magnificent but also putting shape as a factor to consider making it more perfect in creating a great choice. Lastly, to know if you are on a wrong bra always check the cup spillage, center gore, “underboobs” while wearing, sipping off straps, and bras wrinkles.

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