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How often should I do landscaping maintenance in Anthem AZ Phoenix ?

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Most of Anthem’s Landscaping is Desert Landscaping

Have you ever wondered if your doing enough for your yard? Do you ask questions like how often should I trim my bushes and trees? How much do I need to water and how do I get rid of all these weeds? I have a simple to follow landscape maintenance plan for every three to 4 months not every month. This plan does not include grass.

Desert Landscaping Maintenance schedule

1. Watering Schedule

  • The first step is to make sure your plants are not  being overwatered by turning it off unless plants are not established yet
  • Check the desert landscape list and make sure your plants can handle this schedule here
  • If plants start looking sad turn the water on manuel for 30 minutes

2. Pre and Post Emergance for weed and grass control

  • spray each weed that is post mergant meaning you can see the weed or grass above the ground
  • then cover the entire surface area with pre emergance so the weeds/grass that you can not see above the ground or the seeds. this will prevent for on average 90 days
  • Expert landscaper tip mix both pre emergant and post emergant  together when doing any spraying for weeds

3. Trimming Trees Bushes and Shrubs

  • Trim bushes and trees every 90 days
  • Once a year full trim and thin trees
  • Once a year cut back select bushes and shrubs to 8 to 12″ above ground

DD Landscaping has came up with this dessert landscape maintenance schedule to cut back the consumption of water, lower the cost of landscaping maintenance and still have a beautiful healthy well manicured yard.

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