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Killer Coffee Company: A Conscious Coffee Project in South Florida is Born


South Florida, August 25, 2021 —  Located in South Florida, Killer Coffee Company began operations in August 2021, focusing on online retail, in-person sales at organic markets, and direct supply beans (roasted or green) to coffee shops and restaurants looking for high-quality coffee. All of the beans are purchased directly from small farmers; most of them organic and award-winning beans in Mexico. By skipping the middleman, much of the proceeds go directly to the producers and their communities, creating a better quality of life and a truly better cup of coffee for all.

Killer Coffee Company is the project of three hard-working coffee lovers. Jessica and Gabriela, identical twins of Mexican origin, have been determined to lead a project and join a community of women entrepreneurs to start their own business. Their partner Derek, an Army veteran and husband of Jessica, has also wanted to start a business for some time now. A go-getter type, he always encourages others to follow their passion and enjoy the best of life.

The story began with Gabriela back in 2015 while living in Montreal, studying during the day and working from the afternoons until late in the evening through the relentless Canadian winter. Every morning her roommate, a lifelong coffee lover, would offer her a coffee to help start the day. At that time she would only drink coffee with milk and refused to have an espresso alone. But while at school she would listen to her Japanese classmate, also a coffee lover, who had worked in various countries as a barista and talk constantly about coffee.

Those conversations led Gabriela to delve into the wonderful world of coffee, and she visited every coffee shop that Montreal had to offer. Determined to return to Mexico and work for herself, she spent some time visiting coffee shops in San Francisco and Miami before she partnered with an angel investor to start her own specialty coffee bar in the Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Coffee courses, tastings, exhibitions, events, and farm visits continued to reaffirm Gabriela’s desire to bring specialty Mexican coffee to the homes of coffee lovers who were still settling for low-quality coffee. All this knowledge was brought to Gabriela’s first business, “Bendito Cafe” the best specialty coffee bar in Playa del Carmen which was awarded a certificate of excellence for three consecutive years by Trip Advisor.

Fast forward to 2021. After a tireless struggle to survive the pandemic in Mexico, Bendito had to close its doors after four and a half years in business. Disappointed by the rough news, Gabriela’s sister Jessica, an Art Director by profession, proposed to Gabriela to continue the Bendito Café project in the US. Soon thereafter, Killer Coffee Company was born.

Jessica, with a love for visuals and good taste, had previously helped with Bendito cafe branding and marketing. This time, she would work with Gabriela on bringing the best coffee beans to the US market at a fair price, and always with an eye toward eco-friendly materials and partners to keep the project as sustainable as possible.

To complete the team, Derek, a landscape architect by profession and former army Combat Engineer, knows very well the feeling of needing a punch of energy to fulfill his duties to get things done. A lover of bourbon and coffee, Derek enjoys focusing on the numbers and financial organization, so he joined the project to make sure the numbers add up and it’s always a win-win for everyone.

And so it begins, Killer Coffee Company is a brand for people who love great coffee and are looking for a conscientious purchase that really helps all members of the coffee production. Killer Coffee’s goal is to change coffee quality consumption and strive for the best flavors and experience, all while helping farming communities and improving lives because we all deserve better!

Don’t miss their killer coffee subscription, fresh roasted coffee which is perfect for their beloved cold brew coffee, and also unroasted coffee beans for experienced roasters, restaurants, bakeries, and food businesses.

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