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How Much Should You Pay for Renting a Storage Container in 2019?

According to statistics, over 12 million people were in need of a storage unit in 2017. And while millennials are one of the top consumers for storage rentals, it makes you consider the ins and outs of renting storage space.

Let’s take storage container rentals for example. With all that these companies have to offer, how do you know that you’re not overpaying for a storage container rental?

If your storage needs are short term, renting a storage container is always better. Discover the most current average storage container rental rates here.

How Old Is the Container?

There are a lot of determining factors when trying to figure out storage rental rates. The age and the condition of the container will play a big role in how much you will be paying out of pocket.

Because older containers usually have a lot of wear and tear, you are going to be looking at paying less than for a new container. And while you may automatically deem an older container as “poor condition”, all shipping containers must meet regulations in order to be used.

How Big Is the Container?

Generally speaking, there are two lengths of container sizes: 20 footers and 40 footers. In addition, these containers have the ability to come in 8-foot or 9-foot height, depending on what you need.

And even though these are the standard sizes, you are going to wind up paying extra for customizable sizes. Be sure to check out the International Standards Organization to verify that your container is in compliance.


When looking into storage rental container rates, you are definitely going to want to consider the distance that the container is going to be shipped. Because delivery fees increase as the shipping distance increases, you want to be sure to factor in how much more it is going you’re going to pay in the overall cost.

What Is the Cost?

Now that we’ve talked about the underlying factors, let’s talk about the actual storage rental container rates. Here’s what you’re looking to spend!

  • A pre-owned 20-foot container is going to cost about $2,000
  • A new 20-foot container is going to cost around $3,000
  • A pre-owned 40-foot container is going to cost about $2,200
  • A new 40-foot container is going to cost about $4,500

Looking to rent a storage container in the future? Fortunately, sites like provide service that will get your container shipped at ease.

Storage Container Rental Rates and More!

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