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This is a question that gets asked a lot, and there is no simple answer.

On average, you can expect to pay somewhere between $130 and $150 for basic plumbing work. However, this figure is not always accurate because the cost depends on the nature of the work that is being done and your location.

More extensive plumbing work, like installing bathroom fixtures or replacing large sections of pipe, can easily cost upwards of $500.

More often than not, plumbers will charge a flat rate based on the individual job because every job is different. The cost of installing a shower, for example, will vary from house to house depending on the placement of the sink, and any extra work that needs to be done. The majority of plumbers will assess the job and then give you a quote based on the work that is required. In some cases, you may have to pay a surcharge if the plumber is traveling outside of their normal working area.

This guide will give you more detail about the common reasons that you might need to call out a plumber, and the average plumbing pricing for people in the Inland Empire area of California.


Plumbers are trained professionals that deal with a wide range of issues relating to the pipes and fixtures that make up the water, gas, and sewage systems in your home. In some cases, they are required to make repairs but you will also need to call out a plumber when you are installing new appliances.

Damaged pipes are one of the most common reasons that people will call a plumber. If you notice any leaking, strange noises, or burst pipes, bad smells, drop in water pressure, or appliances that are not flushing or draining properly, you need to call out a professional right away. Having a plumber fix these issues will save you a lot of trouble and ensure that the work is done correctly so you do not encounter more problems in the future. Unless you are a trained professional, it is never a good idea to make these repairs on your own.

You may also need the services of a plumber if you are making renovations to your kitchen and bathroom. They can make sure that appliances such as sinks and toilets are installed correctly and they work as they should. An incorrectly installed appliance can lead to leakage, which causes a lot of damage to the home, so it’s best to leave it to the professionals.


It is difficult for plumbers to charge an hourly rate because there are too many different variables involved. Each individual job is different and so the cost of installing a toilet, for example, can vary a lot depending on the specific house. That is why most plumbing pricing is usually based on a flat rate estimate, which will be made after the plumber has seen the job. The plumbing cost will be estimated based on the parts required, the labor, and any other charges that may apply.


In some cases, plumbers will charge a fixed rate for standard jobs that tend to take the same amount of time. Things like installing a toilet, for example, will usually cost you an average of $150 for the labor, plus the cost of the toilet on top, which can range from $90 all the way up to $1500 for the most expensive ones.


Below, you can find the average cost for a range of different plumbing services.

Sink installation cost

A simple sink replacement where all of the supply and drain lines are in place will cost you a minimum of $220 for installation. The cost of the sink and faucets on top of this would start at around $300 for the cheapest models, so you can expect to pay at least $520 dollars for a basic sink installation.

However, if you want to move the position of the sink, there will be an extra charge for moving the supply and drain lines, and the plumber will cost this when they assess the job.

Radiator repair cost

Issues with radiators are fairly common and plumbers will charge between $60 and $80 to look at them. Problems include leaking, strange noises, radiators that are not heating up, and radiators that are too hot. In most cases, this is an easy fix but if it is caused by a larger problem with the plumbing in your home then more work may be necessary and the price will increase.

Shower repair costs

There is a wide range of different problems that you may experience with your shower and bathtub, and the cost of repairs varies a lot depending on the nature of the issue. You may have clogged drains, leaking fixtures or lack of water pressure.

Examples of different shower repair costs:

  • Clogged drains – $150 to remove blockages.
  • Poor water pressure – $400 dollars to remove blockages. $485-$700 to install a PRV (pressure reducing valve).
  • Lack of temperature – If the issue is with your hot water heater, it can cost thousands to buy and replace a new one.
  • Shower and bath resurfacing – the cost of resurfacing depends on the material that the bath is made from. A fibreglass surface will cost around $250 but a porcelain one will cost around $350.
  • Leaking faucets – This can be a simple problem that is fixed easily by replacing a washer, but it may have a more complex cause so the price can range from $150 to $500.
  • Broken diverter – If your diverter valve is broken, you may notice issues with your shower and bathtub. It will cost around $125 to fix.

Sump pump installation cost

A sump pump removes excess water under your home from leaks, drainage issues, poor irrigation or general seepage from groundwater. It is important that this water is removed before it causes damp issues in your home. The installation costs for a sump pump range between $250 and $360. You will need to purchase the pump itself and the cost of that can vary a lot.

A pedestal sump pump will cost between $70 and $400 depending on location and a submersible sump pump ranges from $140 to $300.

In older homes, the installation costs can be as much as $450 if the home has galvanized lines or the pit for the pump is sealed and has radon pipes. In some cases, the plumber may also need to reroute electrical lines, in which case, the installation costs can exceed $1000.

Pipe repair costs

Pipe repairs can be one of the more difficult plumbing costs to estimate because there is a range of different problems that you may experience. You may have leaking pipes, frozen and burst pipes, blockages, bad smells, and water damage. The average cost of pipe repair is $120 to $170. However, if there are extensive issues that extend throughout the house, it may be more expensive. If problems with your pipes are not dealt with, they can cause issues with appliances throughout the house and may lead to water damage and flooding in the long-term.

Drain repair

Drain cleaning is something that a lot of people try to handle themselves but they make some big mistakes. Plumbers advise against using harsh chemicals to release blockages because it can cause a lot of damage to the pipes. If appliances are draining slowly, it is important that you call out a plumber to remove any blockages. This will usually cost you around $150 to $200. 

Water heater installation

A professional plumber can install and repair your water heater if you have any issues with it. The cost of this can range from $1200 to $1700 but there may be extra costs if appliances around your home are causing problems with the water heater.


Plumbing problems don’t come up when it is convenient for you, they can happen at any time of the day, which is why 24 Hour emergency plumbers exist. They will be on hand to come to you right away and deal with severe issues like burst pipes and flooding, but if you need assistance outside of normal working hours, it will be more expensive.

A midnight job, for example, will start at around $500 and depending on the nature of the job, the price can be a lot higher.


If you do find yourself in need of a plumber, there are a few things that you can do to make the process of hiring one a lot easier.

When contacting a plumber, it is a good idea to take a lot of photos so you can get a more accurate estimate. The more information you can give about the problem and your plumbing systems in general, the easier it will be for the plumber to get an idea of the cost.

This list should give you an idea of the general plumbing costs in the Inland Empire, California area, but always keep in mind that prices vary depending on the plumber and geography.

If you have plumbing work that needs to be done in your home, make sure that you call us today!

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